Saturday, April 28, 2012

the move.

This week was a whirlwind. This seems to be a pattern in my life recently. 
Final exams.
Pre-birthday celebrations.
Goodbye parties.
Cleaning inspection.
Stressing over rainfall. 
More driving.
But we did it and now...
and I couldn't be any happier.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break Part 3: Vegas and the Clark County Fair.

Part three of our spring break was the shortest part of our little vacay...but boyfriend was still here so it totally counts. He had to work during the day, but that didn't stop us from playing at night. We watched Titanic (his first time.) Went to ice cream with some friends. Went black light mini golfing and go kart racing with Matix. Watched The Vow. Devin was less than excited about this...but I fell asleep 10 minutes in and he ended up watching the whole thing by himself. And loved it- I must add. :) We also went to the Clark County Fair and Rodeo with my family and Devin's sisters. We got wrist bands to ride all the rides, because we are little kids at heart and that's just what we do. And we ate so much food it was ridiculous. Devin and his sister unsuccessfully attempted to get hypnotized. Then we cuddled up close with a ridiculous amount of blankets while we watched cattle get roped and bulls buck cowboys. Even though the weather was less than ideal, we managed to have the best time.

We had the world's longest spring break...and it was oh so good! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break Part 2: Orange County and Sea World

After a week in Utah we headed down to sunny sunny California! Devin's family spends spring break at their condo ever year, so we decided last minute to join. We headed down a day early because...well...why not?!?! An extra day on the beach...I think Yes. We met right up with my Huntington favorites, Kuwika, Steph, Ryan, Sara, and Josh. We crashed at Josh's house so we could wake up early for breakfast with Bekah and Nick at our fave The Sugar Shack. Me, Bekah and Matix had a beach day, while everyone else headed to work (including Dev). This is when Matix got his very first girlfriend. He spotted a little girl on the beach and immediately developed a little crush. At first he asked me if she could be his cousin. Then it turned into girlfriend. Her name is Brittany I think. And that is exactly what we refer to her as. "Brittany I think." It was short lived but he still talks about his girlfriend from the beach quite often. Ahhh, young love. We ended the day with Fiesta Grill, hot tubbing, shopping, and then met up with Devin's family down in Newport.

The next day we had another beach day at Newport with Josh. It was the most perfect day at the beach. We stopped by Balboa island to get Balboa Bars and met up with Devin's friend Margo who just moved to Huntington that day and spent the rest of the day with her at the beach. For dinner we met back up with the fam and invited Steph, Zach, and Jansen along. I love every chance I get to see my second family and I was excited for them to meet the boo.

Sunday was Easter and Matix was so excited that the easter bunny found him in California. That sneaky little bunny covered the entire condo with easter eggs for Matix to find all by himself. Boy did he have fun collecting those candy filled eggs. We had sooooo much candy! We went to church there in Newport and walked the temple grounds after sacrament meeting. Such a beautiful temple. The rest of the afternoon was spent hiking around the tide pools in Corona Del Mar. We had a blast. Matix has two new best friends, Maddie and Maren (Devin's sisters). He loves those girls so much. And the feeling is quite mutual. We finished the day in the pool and hot tubs with the kids while the parents finished making our easter ham dinner. Yum. What a perfect Easter Sunday.

 Monday was Sea World day. Gosh, I love that place. Devin's family+Margo and her cousin joined us. We had a blast seeing all the animals and watching all the shows. The sea lion shows and the Shamu shows definitely tied as our favorites. What cool animals. I think every one of us decided we wanted to be trainers, including Matix. Now he can't decide between being that or a paleontologist. It was the best day for my little animal lover. 

Our last day in California was spent relaxing for the most part. We had breakfast at this really cool little restaurant on the beach at Crystal Cove. It was delicious. We hung out there for a while playing an intense game of tag. It was really fun. Maddie had fun writing love notes in the sand and staging artistic photos of us. :) Then we went back to the condo and watched TV and napped while Devin got some work done. We had dinner at Tito's before making the journey back to Las Vegas.

It's no secret that I love California. Some of my favorite people in the world live there and I always have the best time. And this time I got to spend it with the boyfriend and the best friends, and get to know his family a lot better. It couldn't have been any better. We are spoiled.