Thursday, July 31, 2014

Girls Trip: Disneyland

These cute girls and I FINALLY were able to pull off a much-talked about, much-anticipated, much-needed GIRLS TRIP to our favorite place ever, Disneyland!! We all (well mostly all) went in 2011 and it was THE BEST trip, we were itching to make more memories together and have more fun!!

We piled into Brynn's car Friday afternoon and off we went! We sang, we laughed, we cried, and we sent more snap chats than we probably should have...all the way to LA to see our other favorite friend who moved far far away, Lindsey. We went to dinner and then walked down to the beach with some of her friends. We were having a great time, running from waves, until one wave decided to go all crazy and fly halfway up the beach taking ALL of our belongings with it. Purses, shoes, socks, everything was soaked...including Brynn's phone that decided to not completely die, but to just have the flashlight go on and never turn off. I'm talking even after the phone died, that flashlight was still going strong. Props Apple? Deep ingot he night we made our way down to Newport to Allison's sister's beach house to catch some zzz's before DisneyDay!

The next morning we couldn't contain our excitement any longer! We were back in the happiest place in the world--together--in our matching shirts!! Haha. We just had to. We started off in California Adventures and it was hardly crowded and we just made our way from ride to ride smiles all around (for all the million of pictures we were bound to take, duh)! By the early afternoon we made our way over to Disneyland and let me tell was the most crowded I had ever seen Disneyland. Honestly, it was unreal. I don't know what the heck was going on, but somehow it all worked out. We Fast passed and lucked out everywhere we went. I don't feel like we waited more than 45 min to an hour for a ride. Lines moved fast and of course we were constantly entertained, just being there together! 
One thing I do have to say is that we totally scored in the food department. I always get excited about the food and Disneyland and am usually pretty disappointed. But not this time. Everything we ate was freaking delicious! Corn dogs, churros, frozen lemonades, the best restaurant ever on Main Street (I can't remember its name but holy crap was it good. I am still dreaming about the baked potato soup.) Etc. I felt like we were always eating and I always wanted more of whatever it was! Haha. #fatties
By the end of the night we were exhausted, but you couldn't tell. We were going strong all the way til closing time. We saved Splash Mountain for last and Becca brought us all ponchos and then Brooke surprised us all with shower caps that she forced us to wear! We were definitely a site to be seen and wore them basically all the way out of the park! 

After Disneyland we headed down to Del Mar to Brynn's family beach condo. We were excited to spend Sunday relaxing on the beach doing nothing but having fun. It was the perfect end to a great weekend. We came home kicking and screaming.

This trip came at a perfect time. I needed a good escape from home having some dang good fun. I will admit that as great as the trip was, we had some tiffs come up between us more than would have been ideal. But such is life when you have a bunch of girls that are as close as we are. And luckily it all got worked out. Our trip was still super fun and I'm glad have some good solid girlfriends in my life and Disneyland with your best friends is always a good idea!!! :)

Babies. Babies. Babies.

Me (and one of Julie's twins), Natalee, Julie (and other twin), Brooke, and Diana
The day after I got home from Denver I got a text that my old friend Brooke was going to be in town for a day and wanted to do a big lunch get-together. It worked out perfectly that I was able to go! (my super rad perfect job that I love so much kinda started falling apart) I'll save that for another post. Anyways, I went to high school with a few of these girls (they were a year older than me)but our friendship grew during the 2005-2007 years. I obviously had a kid YEARS before they all did, but they have all caught up or passed me up now! It was so fun to catch up with these lovely ladies and find out where they are and what they're doing! And see their cute little babies, of course! (Mine was in school) 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Denver, Colorado

When you're boyfriend breaks up with you out of nowhere--right before a 3 days weekend--the most logical and rational thing you could possibly do is book a same day flight for you and your son to see one of your favorite humans who you have only met once, to a city you've basically never been to... right?
So that's exactly what I did. And it was one of the best decisions I've made. 
I was distracted. I was loved. We were loved. We were constantly entertained. And we laughed til we cried. And Matix had fun. And I had fun. And BC had fun.  And we met his boys. And we fell in love with them. 
So BC is one of the good ones in the world. We've been friends for about a year now and even though we've only met once, I feel like I've known him for so much longer. We had a crush for a hot minute. And we acted on it. But it just didn't make sense. As much as we are alike, we are just as much different. And we live in different worlds. So I decided to date Matt instead of holding on to what could have been with BC and we transferred those feelings into an awesome friendship. And I like it that way. Anyways, BC is a Christian believing-world-changing-high school mentor-video-making-world traveling-storyteller. Yep, I think that about sums him up. Just kidding, there's so much more to him but the rest takes time to learn. Anyways, a huge part of his life are his "boys." He's a Young Life leader in the east side of Denver and he basically is a mentor, leader and friend to a huge group of black high schoolers. I've chatted with them. I've snapped with them. And I've wanted to meet them! And I finally did. And they were just as cool as I'd imagined. Seriously, they are hilArious! Non-stop entertainment all weekend long. 

We landed in Denver in the evening sometime and BC and some of the boys picked us up from the airport. They filled us in on the "plan." Guys night sleepover (plus Ashley) and we needed to get groceries to make the night complete. The grocery store was interesting to say the least. It prepared me for my role: mama bear. I seriously was baby-sitting a bunch of ridiculous humans. Playing catch down the aisles. Sneaking unnecessary snacks. Begging. Pleading. Wining at "no's." You name it, it happened. But I couldn't help but love it. 

We got to the house and I met "the crew." All 10 of them? I think. There were a million. I hardly could keep track of who was who. And no that wasn't a racist joke. Even though I'm starting to question if I am racist now because any time I said "no" to anything...I was "racist". 
"Ashley will you go upstairs and get me some ice cream?" "no" "dudeeeeeeeeee, you racist." "Ashley, let me sit shotgun." "No." "Racist." It was never-ending. (They were kidding of course) 
We spent the night making disgusting milkshakes, playing video games, watching a movie, stuffing our faces, and chatting into the wee hours of the morning. Matix LOVED guy night. 

The next morning I made "the crew" all french toast. Several had never had it before and the thought of powdered sugar was ridiculous in their eyes...until they tried it, that is. Then a couple of the boys' sister had a high school graduation party. Let me tell you, the east side knows how to throw a party. It was at the park, and the day could not have been any more gorgeous and there were tons and tons of people there and tons and tons of food there. And me, Matix and BC were literally the only white people in sight. Not that it mattered, it just was interesting. We stood at like a sore thumb, but were welcomed just the same. Everyone LOVES BC. He's a hero in their eyes.

Oh, and I adopted a daughter. Well, actually she adopted me as her mother and BC as her father. I can't even remember her name anymore but man did she love me. We hung out the whole day, she never left my side and played with Matix a ton! She was adorable. 

The next day was quite the adventure. We picked up all the boys... PS: Every car ride was an adventure itself. BC let the boys...who don't have licenses drive his car and they would steal his car and we would sing like crazy and the whole thing was just insane. Anyways, we headed up to Red Rocks to hike and see the famous amphitheater and go to church. Some of the boys hated hiking and one of them was deathly afraid of heights and complained the whole time. He sincerely thought he was going to die. I could have peed my pants. We completed the hike and had a started to hail. You guys...I had never been in hail--it was unreal. Golf ball size ice chunks falling from the sky. Okay maybe not that bad, but basically. I'd never experienced it! 
It was so rad! Scary! Insane! Awesome! Painful! Unreal! All at the same time. 
We took cover in some little pizza shop and ate lunch until it was time for church to start. One of the boys asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. Another one held my hand during the hike. They all wanted me to be their "bae" and I fed into it. They are the cutest, funnest, kids ever. I wish I could hang out with them everyday! Church was fun as well. Totally not what I am used to but it was cool. The message was actually really good and not far off from the messages the LDS church teaches. But the rock band was definitely different. And the hallelujah throw your hands in the air and touch your heart like you feel the spirit oh so good was definitely out of my element but I love that BC takes these boys to church every week and instills the goodness of God and Christ in them. I whispered back and forth to the boy standing next to me and he said that no one in his family goes to church or talks about church but that he likes it and wants to keep going forever. I love that. 
When we got home we had an impromptu surprise party for their other YL leader and jumped out of the closet (yes, we all hid in there) and scared him. Then I don't remember what we did the rest of the time, but I recall sitting on the porch chatting late into the evening with BC's roommates. 

The next day was Memorial Day so we took it easy in the morning. Matt called which was a definite highlight and said he missed me and wanted to hang to when I got home.So BC got to experience the excitement of that, which I'm sure was thrilling.  (Don't worry it was a load of crap and just caused more heartache). We spent the rest of the day at the park BBQ-ing and playing games and stuff. It was the perfect end to our perfect weekend. Hooray for spontaneous trips with amazing people! Can't wait to come back for round 2!

Thanks BC for being there for me when I needed it most! 
You're one of my favorites. And those boys of yours have stolen a piece of my heart 
just like my boy stole a piece of yours. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Moving On....

Last Picture of MK + A.
He didn't love the nickname as much as I did relationship with Matthew has abruptly come to an end. I still don't really know why. Okay, yes I do. He claimed he wasn't ready for marriage and stuff which was obviously where this was heading after 4 months and said he needed some space to figure things out--but then he proceeded to start dating a mutual friend less than a week later and now I get the privilege of hanging out with them on the regular--like it's no big deal. 

To say it has been one of the hardest breakups would probably be an understatement. 

But on the plus side I'm doing a lot better with it this last week. (It's been almost 2 months since the breakup and 6 weeks since the sting of finding out about "them") Progress. I really just didn't expect this from him. He was one of my best friends! And one of my most favorites things about our relationship was how dog-on-dang comfortable and honest and open we were with each other. It was so nice to date your best friend and have it just work. But, I'll probably not be doing that again. Because something that comes along with dating someone in your group of friends, is that after you break up THEY ARE STILL IN YOUR GROUP OF FRIENDS. Seriously, sucky. 

But I will say that dating Matt was a great experience. He may not have been everything I wanted. Or even close. But our personalities meshed so well together. His easy-going personality was perfect for me. We NEVER fought. We never got in an argument. The way he approached conflict resonated so well with me. It was so refreshing to have everything just be good all the time. It was one of the best relationships I've had. Which makes it a shame that it ended so poorly. I wish it didn't. I really miss him. But I don't think I can forgive him. Maybe...someday. Maybe. 

For now I will just be grateful for the memories. And his talents he shared with me...all around my room. And for this video. It's my absolute favorite and will probably always make me smile in between my really mean thoughts :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Matix is SIX.

Completely out of character for him, Matix changed his birthday theme after he made the initial decision at his last birthday party. He had initially chosen to do a jungle theme, but as his birthday approached (like 4 months early) he decided he wanted a laser tag party instead! Usually, once his mind is made up, it's mad up. And that's still mostly the case, he just had a little change of plans. 

Anyways, this laser tag party was very much anticipated but Matix, Matix's friends, Matix's cousins, and me and my friends! It was a hit all around. It was a little more expensive than I normally spend, but not much more. It was totally worth it! We had a private party so we were the only people there! The games were awesome!! I highly recommend Laser Quest if you want to have a laser tag party. So accommodating and so great!
We also had pizza, cake and presents! AND Dylan and Kelli gave Matix his very first pet (at mom's house). A FISH! It's a Beta and we named him Bluey. Matix has been really really great about taking care of him. All I have to do is change the water whenever Matix tells me it's time. In fact, I forgot we had him until this very minute. Hope he's still alive! This is why I don't have pets. haha. Note to self: check on Bluey. 
AND the best part was that Devin (Matix's best friend in the whole world, and my ex bf) came! Matix couldn't have been more excited to hang out with him again! Boyfriend met ex-boyfriend and it was just glorious. JK. It wash't super awkward, maybe a little but whatever. It was Matix's day and I wanted it to be perfect. 

We also brought donuts to Matix's class the Friday before his birthday! (His Birthday was on Sunday) The class loved it but I think Matix loved it the most!!!

Sunday morning we had homemade Cinnamon rolls that my mom bought from a lady, went to Matt's ward and then went to my friend Chaz's college graduation and party. My parents were up in Utah at my cousin Camette's sealing and Emily Jacobsen's homecoming. 

I can't believe you're six and too cool to smile in pictures.