Wednesday, January 25, 2012

thoughts & things.

♥  A couple of weekends ago we went to the Shark Reef. Matix was so excited to go and even told me he was going to be super brave and touch the sting rays this time. Of course he chickened out, but with a little force and a lot of bravery, HE DID IT. He was so proud and told people all about it for the next few days. 

♥ I love this quote. 

 ♥ And I love this picture. A lot. 

♥  While driving on Saturday, Matix says, "Why did Jesus let the weather be so bad today? We better pray." He has been praying for no rain ever since. My mom tried to explain that rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey, and whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky. Okay maybe she didn't say all that. but she did say that rain is a good thing. Matix wasn't havin' it and the prayers continue....

♥ I have really pretty friends. We went to dinner Friday night to celebrate Zack and Steve's birthdays. But they are boys so who cares. Then we went to our ward hoedown. And then to karaoke at Calico Jack's.  It was a really fun night. My friend Ryan from Huntington was in town too. Not this Ryan, a different one. We sang karaoke in my car together. A definite highlight of the night. I like him. But not like that. I think I've had more than my share out there.

♥ Ryan happened to be staying at the Hilton. On the way to dropping him off it hit me that my coworker (a 60 something year old man) had recently told me of these billboards on the back side of the Hilton parking garage of a girl who looks identical to me. (bad pictures, it was late at night) Oh ya. I definitely see the resemblance. Not. Gotta love dirty old men.

♥ My super cute, sweet, adorable little boy was absolutely none of these things on Saturday afternoon when I walked into his bedroom to find a BALL OF POOP on the floor of his room. Seriously.  I'm talking the size of a kiwi probably. It was so disgusting. And he still tells me he doesn't know how it got there. UGHHH. I am still so confused by this. The little turd.
And let's talk about how he cut a chunk of my hair off of my head. Of course he missed my extension hair, and got my real hair. It's not very noticeable, but he still did it. 
Good thing he is so stinkin cute when he's sleeping. 
And most of the time when he's awake. 

♥ Saturday night I went to Scrillex with Ryan and Becca at Surrender Nightclub at the Encore. I wish these things weren't so freaking late at night, but it was definitely worth it because we got rained on. You know how they do. Keep dem dollars comin. Between the three of us we made $74 dollars. Best night everrrr. Holla. Until I got a speeding ticket on my way home.

♥  I ran three miles at the gym. I have never ran three miles in my life. Don't judge me. Just be proud. 

♥ I can't stand the stupid model on the Bachelor. Here's Becca's impression of her happy face. annoyed face. and surprised face. Ben is an idiot. 
On the other hand, I'm excited for Emily to be the new Bachelorette. Except I don't understand why she's doing it. She hated all the paparazzi and attention her and her daughter got. So confused. But so excited. 

 ♥ Monday was this pretty girl's birthday. We went shopping together at H&M and then to eat at CPK. I'm glad we're still best friends. 

PS: My hair is longer. And darker. And curlier. Did you notice?

Monday, January 23, 2012

sister missionary.

One of my very good friend's that I have made since being divorced is Jane. Jane is the prettiest, funnest, most talented, and spiritual girl's I know. She has been our Sunday school teacher ever since I came back into the single's ward, so she is always sharing her testimony. But now the time has come for her to share her testimony in Spanish, full time to the people of 

New York City, New York. 

Having a friend go on a mission is a really cool thing. It takes so much courage to put your entire life on hold to serve the Lord like that. I admire that, a lot. I'm so excited for Jane to venture into this new journey of her life. And i may or may not have tentative plans to seek her out in the city some time this summer, especially since 2 of my other good friends are moving there within the next few months as well. ;)

I wish all my friends would stop living out my eighteen-year-old dream of moving to the city, without me!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miss America Pageant 2012

Remember how last year I got to got to the Miss America Pageant? Well I got to do it again, and boy was it just as good as the last. We may not have gotten to see a ventriloquist, but we did get to see the most amazing jump roper, ever. She literally sat on the ground and jumped the rope with her butt. Miss are insane. (in a good way. a very good way). 

Here's some other things I learned:
-In Louisiana, if you bite someone with your natural teeth it's considered simple assault. If you bite with false teeth it's considered aggravated assault.
-Poor Miss Wyoming sang Adele, directly after another girl danced to the original. No one is going to sound good if you follow Adele. Nobody. But she was pretty awful anyways. 
-The host Dena Blizzard is now officially a Kardashian. I jealously watched her get sworn into the family. 
-Pennsylvania has the largest llama farm in the world. 
- Miss Missouri singing Aerosmith was amazing. 
-All the other girl's dancing  was pretty pathetic. And that's an understatement.
-Mark Ballas is so talented. He totally swooned me with his guitar playing and singing. So sexy. 

The end. 

Oh and I got to see Kris Jenner in real life. That was fun. 

Oh and I forgot to mention...I know Miss Nevada. 

We hung out a few times. 
Here's proof.  
She's pretty freaking awesome. No lie.

Dear Miss America Pageant, 
You are all too entertaining.
...Until next year.

Monday, January 16, 2012

private party.

Last week was the big CES convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. One of my very dear friends in Huntington came in town for it because he works for Hyundai. He invited me and a couple of my friends to a private event that iHeartRadio threw at Haze Nightclub Wednesday night. OMG. It was so fun. Imagine all the free drinks your little hearts desire (shirley temples for days). Hot men serving food on platters. I'm talkin sliders, pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, & creme puffs. They had it all. Lots of nerdy, rich men. And DJ-ing all night long. Yep, it was like a dream. Did I mention 50 Cent was there too? Because he was. 
Becks. Jay Baby. Me. Sandy.

I love my Ryan. So glad we got to hang while he was in town.

Friday, January 13, 2012

family pictures 2011.

As I previously mentioned, my best friend Darci snapped some cute pictures for us last October at the orchard. Matix was awful, but we still got a few cute shots. I absolutely love the pictures, I just wish we had gotten more. The joys of kids. Maybe next time. Thanks again Darc. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

weekend recap

Since I spent last weekend away from Matix, I decided to make this weekend all about my little boy. Not to mention Saturday was his dad's birthday and since he had to work and couldn't hang out with Matix...we were basically obligated to celebrate without him. 

Here's what we did:
Friday night we went to Panda Express for dinner. He picked. I paid. What a fun little date. The worker even recognized Matix. That's how much he loves Panda. 

After 3 bedtime stories and lots of snuggling, Matix was asleep by 7:45 so I was off to a bonfire some kids in town were putting on. They burn everyone's Christmas trees at the ultimate bonfire every year. It was a good time. Then we ended the night dancing our butts off at Zowie Bowie.
Kristine, Christy, Jessie, Tifani, Me, Jordan, Rebecca, Leah, Lindsey, David

Saturday we went on a little double date with Kelli and Dylan to the bowling alley. Matix was so excited. He told me all morning that he couldn't wait because he had never been bowling before. Apparently he forgot about this. haha. Cute kid. Both boys did super well. I don't remember who won..but I'm pretty positive it was Dylan. He has quite the bowling experience. :) 

On our way home from bowling we decided it would be fun to see what my sister's family was up to. We ate lunch, hung out, and playyed Just Dance 3 with Ethan and Kennedy. I actually had a blast dancing my butt of with an 8, 6, and 3 year old. I'm cool.

Then it was time to head home to eat dinner and get ready for 80's Skate Night with my friends. It's been a few years since my last skating experience and we all know that it is imperative to get a good skate in every so often...So skate we did. I found the best leotard that was my moms, complete with puffy sleeves and wore a fanny pack and my sweet new skate socks to get me in the spirit. I felt pretty good about my 80's outfit....until Becca showed up. She was definitely the cool girl that every guy wanted...and I...was not. haha. Dang it. Matix was so excited, until he actually got on the rink and realized "skating is much harder than it looks." That was a direct quote. We were the first ones there so the first lap was just me and him. He caught eye of another little girl who had two adults holding each of her hands to help...and says "I think I need two mom's." Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. After a few video games and a visit to the snack bar more of my friends had arrived and he was ready to hit the floor "with two moms!" What a difference it made. He constantly improved with every lap and even skated all by him self for a while, with some occasional help from the wall. It was a sad moment when we had to leave but he is already making plans to return to the skating rink asap. What a fun night we had! :)

Glade, Becca, Matix, Allison, Lindsey, Rebecca, Me

Please love that you can see my leotard hole. So hot. 

What a fun, fun weekend.