Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Imagine Dragons

My friend Chris from Provo had a big group of friend come down to Vegas for the Imagine Dragons Concert on Dec. 30th. They had gotten a bunch of free tickets, so he decided to bring me and a friend along (Megan, my ultimate wingman)! A couple of my Utah friends (Chelsea and Jenn) came we had a blast! I was especially excited because my friend Katie from high school is a singer in the band The Mowgli's and they were the opening band! Two Bonanza High School grads are super rockstars! Couldn't be more proud of them!

It's crazy to see Imagine Dragons performing at sold out arenas across the world. I have literally been there from the beginning. Not counting playing as kids in diapers since we grew up across the street from each other, but I was at their very first concert they ever put on along with bunches and bunches of shows in between. I bet I've seen them like 50 times in their short road to success. So fun to see the success they've achieved. Winning a Grammy? Hell ya! Sidenote: While I was working for them...I helped cast their votes on the ballet. Yep...I voted in the Grammy's. Betcha can't say you've done that one. Another Sidenote: I miss one of their old songs "Clouds" that they used to close every show with. It's not on any cd and you can only hear it on a few YouTube videos. Bring Back "Clouds"! And one of my favorite moments was a show at the Beauty Bar where they covered Modest Mouse "Float On." Such a fun time!

A look back at my support of Imagine Dragons from the beginning. Oh you know...back when Dan sent out texts to all his friends and most shows were free:

 First Show Ever: June 5, 2009

Me and Tres as Dragons

June 20, 2009

 September 23, 2009

January 2010

March 4, 2010

Egyptian: June 24, 2011

September 16, 2011

October 4, 2013

So proud of the success these guys have been having! 
Keep on Rockin'!

Monday, February 24, 2014

I suck at disciplining.

Matix has been peeing his pants lately. I can't really figure out why he is struggling with it so much. He won't stop playing to pee. He won't stop the video game to pee. And we've resorted to Pull-Ups at bedtime in the recent weeks. He's almost 6 years old! What the heck?

Yesterday I took a Sunday afternoon nap and when I went to grab Matix he had peed his pants again while playing a video game. Didn't even budge. He tries to claim he can't feel it but I finally got him to admit that he just is so addicted to the game that he won't pause it to stop and pee. 

I spank his bum, make him change and have a little chat and cll his dad to tell him what happened so he could enforce a punishment since it was time for him to go to his dad's house for a few days. On the call, Matix's dad tells me that he's going to put him in time-out and take video games away. Dad's are good at disciplining. Us mom's just aren't. And guess what my little 5-year old did when I got off that phone call? With his folded little arms he looks at me with almost teary-eyes and says..."Mom, he's right. My dad will make me not pee my pants anymore. He's a professional at it. You need to take away my privileges and put me in time out more. That will work."

Yes. My five year old just said that to me. 

I gave him the biggest hug--
a. Because I am so grateful that I have the world's best kid ever. 
b. Because I didn't know what to think of this little experience. 

I responded with a little spill about how much I love Matix and I know I'm bad a discipling but it's just because I love him so much and I hate getting him in trouble or putting him in time out. It hurts my heart.

His response: 
"Mom you just need to love me a tiny but less and make me get in trouble a tiny bit more or I'm never going to stop peeing my pants."

And just like that, I was again put in my place by my child. He knows that I suck and disciplining and follow through straight up told me how to be a better mom. Most children would use such a flaw to their advantage, but instead I lucked out and he's teaching me how to be a better mom. 
And on the way home from dropping him off I cried like a little baby overwhelmed with feeling of love, and gratitude, and under-qualification, and frustration, and humility. 

This single mom stuff is hard stuff. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas 2013

December was full of Christmas activities all month long, as usual! It kept us busy and we had a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas. 

Our favorite North Pole friend, Elfin was back in town and spread lots of Christmas fun. Matix couldn't have been more excited to find him every morning. Elfin sure had some fun surprises up his sleeve!

My brother Brian graduated from UNLV with a degree in Business Finance. He's the second one in my family to graduate. I was the first :) We are proud of him. So proud that my parents gave him their truck. Spoiled.

My work had a Christmas party. Jane was my date and my bosses fell in love with her. So much that they finally hired her. hahaha. 

We also made a Team Christmas Card. job is amazing. I love my coworkers, a lot. 

My friend Chandler that I met in Mexico decided to come to Vegas to go rock climbing. We had a really fun weekend getting to know each other better...and I made it to the top of the rock! Wahooo.

We went to the Live Nativity with the fam!

And to an ugly sweater party. No Christmas season would be complete without one. my mom's vest...won the ugliest sweater contest. My mom was so happy about that. We had a really fun time. Chandler is a fun guy and I'm glad we got to hang! 

My high school friends got together for our annual Christmas Break dinner. It's always great to catch up and hear about each other's lives. 

 My friend Allison threw another ugly sweater party. All my favorites were in attendance. 

We did some Christmas shopping and told Santa our Christmas Wishes. 
(Our Santa is cooler than yours)

Went ice skating with my crew. Or at least attempted to. Everyone decided AFTER we got there that they didn't want to actually skate. Serious lame heads. We still had fun. 

Matix got super duper sick and we never really figured out what was wrong. His temperature was consistently over 102 for like a week. And even got up to 103.7 on Christmas Day! He seriously is the best sick kid. He hardly complains and is super chill. One time he threw up all over his bed...came in my room and went back to sleep in my room on the floor. Didn't even wake me up. Seriously...the best kid. He finally got better...but it took FOREVER!

 I fulfilled my church calling as a committee member of the weekly Munch and Mingle. (Even with a sickly child!) Hence the no makeup and non-done hair. You're welcome, ward. 

 Christmas Eve I had work off so I made Christmas treats and Gingerbread houses with the kids. 

And pampered my girls! Also Snapchat took over my life recently. 



 After our annual Christmas Eve Feast we did our annual Nativity and Pajama Party. 

And...Elfin did his job...and Matix must have been a good boy because Santa SPOILED us!


Marx Family 2013

Our Family never...I repeat...never takes family pictures. The last official family pictures we did was right when I got home form China in 2006. Seriously. My mom asked me to take some pictures since we were all together for Thanksgiving. They are nothing fancy at all...but they are better than anything else we have! 

A little family update: 
Mom and Dad: My dad still is working his life away. The business is doing well and he's obsessed with his massive 12 care garage and spends any spare moment of the day out there or watching Bonanza on the couch. My mom helps out at his office on Mondays, is the stake young women's president and babysits grandkids in between. She can never sit still, ever. She's always finding something to keep her busy, whether it be cleaning, sewing, or serving others. I don't think that will ever change. 

Theresa and Jamie: Jamie is a high school teacher and Theresa is busy raising four kids, two step-children, with one on the way. Yep, they are expecting number 7 in June (due on Theresa's Bday). Life is busy busy over at their house. 

Julie and Lucas: Lucas works for the NLV Fire Dpt. as a fire inspector with hopes of becoming a fireman shortly. Julie is busy raising their four kids. Autumn is my favorite little girl in the history of the world. She has the raspiest little voice and I just can't get enough of her petiteness. 

Stephanie and Jeremy: Jeremy is a narcotics detective and Steph is a busy mom with Shelby and the twins. They still live in a zoo of a house but they love it and that's all that matters. And they also just bought my dc's most prized possession form him-his Lexus ISF. 

Brian and Bianca: Have been married for 2 years. Brian recently graduated and got a job at Caesar's Entertainment as a financial something or other. Bianca works at an eye doctor. They are living at my parent's house with me and Matix as they save to buy a house.