Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend recap.

Weekends come and go so quickly around here. It seems like every weekend is jam packed with so many fun things to do....and then I blink and it's time to go to work again on Monday. This weekend was no exception, except that I wish I had a little more time to snuggle Matix. He is leaving in a few days for Texas for two weeks, and I am getting nervous. I am going to miss the crap out of him. It's a good thing I have a couple more days before that dreaded goodbye....

1.) Kelli's graduation: I was the chosen one to be Kelli's date to her graduation from The College of Southern Nevada-Sonography Program. It was a pinning ceremony at Bahama Breeze, which meant one food. Oh yeah. Her mom was pretty sad that I was the chosen one, so I ate extra food in her honor. :) Plus I don't think her mom would have appreciated learning what her nickname in the class was...."The credit card machine."...or seeing her classmate pull down his pants as he walked across the stage. It would have been a proud parent moment for sure. I'm glad I was there instead, and I'm sure Kelli agrees. :)
I'm so proud of my Kell Kell. She has worked so hard, and is such a good little mom! I know first hand how hard going to school with a kid is...and Kelli has done a great job at balancing things. Now if only she could land herself a sweet job...Who am I kidding...if only I could land myself a sweet job....Geeezaaaa.

2.) Cousin Cami's Baby Shower:  It was seriously over-the-top amazing. I forgot I had my camera until the end, so I didnt take any pictures, but it was so cute. I'm sure pictures will surface somewhere. I loved seeing old friends, but mostly my favorite California cousins who came in town. Crazy to think Tanner is going to be a dad. :)
...And the kids loved the cotton candy we brought home with us.
3.) Wedding: With the besties. Beautiful weather, steak, potatoes, breadsticks, salad and desserts were on the menu, and my best friends....who could ask for more? Love these girls.

4.) Luke's Birthday Party: We hosted a (last minute) party for our friend Luke! Sunday after church me and my friends made the best cake you have ever surprise him. We are such great friends, I know.

Yes. It was a poop cake. And yes, that is a butt pooping in the corner. And yes, I wish it was my very own idea to create this masterpiece, but Brandon deserves all the credit. I did come up with the wording, however. Isn't it lovely? Luke said it was the best present he ever received! Mission: Accomplished. If you know Luke, you know that it was perfect for him. We had a great time playing the rest of the night.  

Don't you wish your weekends were as exciting as mine????

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matix is Three: Birthday Party Edition

Of course we had to throw a little party to celebrate Matix's third year of life. 
And when I say a "little" party....I actually mean a big huge birthday bash
Go big or go home...right?
We sent out about 35 invitiations....don't judge me....Matix has a lot of friends :)
(We have his nursery friends, his cousins (all 13 of them), my friends' kids, my married friends with no kids that love him, my single friends who love him....there's just an abundance of people who love this kid, I tell ya. It's kind of ridiculous)

It was a dinosaur themed party, obviously. And it was so much fun!
We had it in our new garage, and it was perfect. 
The kids could run, jump, play, and we even set up the bounce house.

The first activity I had planned was a "Dinosaur Dig" 
I had bought a dinosaur fossil dig set at Toys 'R Us ahead of time, and Me and Matix dug the fossils out a couple of days before the party. I also got him a little sandbox and sand as a birthday present. He loved it and did not want to come inside after I gave it to him  This kid loves to play in the sand :)

The kids went on a little adventure and had to find the fossils and dinosaur eggs that were buried in the sand. After we got them all out, I helped them put together a real dinosaur. They thought it was soooooo cool... and everyone wanted a turn holding it. 

Next we did a "Dinosaur Dance" to the Ice Age 3 movie theme song..."Walk the Dinosaur" (Its a really cute and fun dance song....Matix's favorite.) I successfully made all the kids dinosaur tails. Yes, I made them all. 12 to be exact. And they turned out sooo cute and super fun. I found the tutorial here. 

Even the adults had fun with them...

Then it was time for snacks and cake. 
We had Dilophosaurus Drink, Dinosaur Nuggets, Chebsaurus Chips, Dynamosaurus Dip....etc....
 Until it was time for cake...
For weeks I have been asking Matix what he wanted for his birthday. He would always reply that he wanted a cake. Actually he wanted three cakes. A dinosaur cake. A train cake. And a bus cake. Now, if he were spoiled, he I would have made him all three, but since he is not....I settled for one dinosaur cake! haha (Doug helped...we did pretty good for our first time)

Then we opened presents...

Thanks for coming guys. We had a blast.
And Happy Birthday Matix!!
We love you so much. 


Happy Birthday to my little stinker butt.
My cute little baby boy is not a baby boy anymore.
He is t.h.r.e.e. years old. 
I can't even believe it. But at the same time, I can hardly even remember life without him.
He is my everything.

Here's some things about him...
Matix says:
(M=Matix A=Ashley) 
-M: "I'm sick, mom"
  A: "I'm sorry"
  M: "You didn't make me sick"

- (Justin Bieber came on the radio)
  M:"Mom can we listen to a kids song?"
  A: "This is a kids song"
  M: "No it's not, it's for girls"

- A: "Can I have another hug?"
  M: "Of course, I love hugging you"

- A: "Thanks for being my most favoritest"
  M: "What?"
  A: "What?"
  M: "I said what first!!"

-M: "I want the music loud"
  A:  "No"
  M: " Oh, mama knows best, and we can't make it loud?"
  A: "Exactly"
(referencing the Tangled song, "Mama Knows Best")

-M: "Ellen Badangerous is my favorite show!!"
      fast forward...Selena Gomez is the guest that day
  M: "Oh mom, she's so beautiful. She looks just like you
  A: "Oh really? How?"
  M: "Well, you have brown hair, and she has brown hair. You both are beautiful"

- A: "Can I snuggle you like a baby?"
  M: "But I'm not a baby"
  A:  "You're my baby"
  M: "But I peed in the toilet!!"

- M: "Mom, I'm sick. My tummy hurts. I think I need a birthday party to make it feel better!"

Matix Does:
-He is obsessed with all things dinosaurs. He prefers the scary kind that "roar."
-He is obsessed with watching Netflix on my computer. I've created a monster.
-He no longer wears diapers, but he's still not "potty trained." He's really good at holding it until I make him go potty. We rarely have accidents. But I wish he would tell me when it's time. Same with #2, except we have more of those accidents. He hates going #2. But he is improving.
-He is really proud of his dinosaur underwear.
-He is starting preschool in the fall! We are so excited.
-He and my dad butt heads a lot more nowadays. Matix always claims that "he is teasing him."
-Grandpa likes to tease him that they have the same birthday. This does not make Matix very happy. I'm sure that one day he will love sharing a birthday with his papa. :)
-I've noticed that he always talks in full sentences. He hardly ever doesn't. Like when I ask if he wants something, he responds, "No, I'm fine" instead of with a simple "No."
-He loves rock music. And he likes it loud and rocks out.
-He is going on a road trip to Texas next week, to visit his aunt and cousin, for two weeks. (With his Grandma Downer) I am dreading him being gone for so long. But he is excited. I hope the car ride goes well for them. 

I hope he has the happiest day on his birthday!
(I don't get to see him, because his father forgot that it was my year, and made plans. I'm so nice....)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Oh, man do I do a lot of fun things with my boy. 
Some may think that I spoil him, which I guess I do.
But in my defense, being a mom of one, and living with my parents, and only having him 4 days a week, makes it a little easier, a lot more manageable, and a ton of fun. :)
I have 3 days a week to get things done, go on dates, and have "me" time. 
Then the weekends, I try to do stuff for the little guy. 
It makes our time together that much better. 

Here's some of the things we've done lately:

-Horseback riding at Uncle Glen's house (again)
The weather is perfect right now. (most days) so it's the perfect time to take the horses for a spin. We went with my sister Stephanie, and invited the Buhl's along too. It was so much fun. Goldie (the light horse) is pretty old, and super mellow, so Matix can ride him all by himself. He was loving it until all of a sudden we see Goldie take off pretty fast into her corral, with Matix holding on for dear life, screaming for help. I got him off comforted him, and then made him face his fear and get back on, with me this time. He did and had a smile back on his face in a few minutes. I asked him why Goldie started going so fast and he replied, 
"I just told her to giddy-up and kicked her like this." 
I about died laughing.
Another plus about uncle Glen's house, in addition to the horses and chickens, is getting to see grandma and grandpa Marx. They are getting old, so it's always fun to spend a little bit of time with them. :)

-Sesame Street Live
My  friend let me know about a deal where you could get tickets to Sesame Street Live at The Cox Pavilion for free! (we had to pay for the service charge only) So for me and Matix to go it was only $9. Score. I can't think of a funner way to spend my Saturday morning :) Matix was so excited. We don't watch Sesame Street much, actually I don't think I've ever turned it on for him....but he sure knew all the characters. He must watch it at his dad's house. Surprisingly our seats were right next to an old friend of mine from my high school days, Eric and his son Cohen. What are the odds?!? Matix was mesmerized by the characters, and especially loved when they would come up the aisles and greet us. Since it was a special mommy/matix date, I spoiled him with popcorn and cotton candy, which brought a smile to his face as well. 

-Lunch with the Besties
(Stephanie and Cana)
Matix requested rice and chicken and shrimp....So where did we go!!?!? 
That's right China Town....where else? haha. He loved it!

-Gone to the Dentist
That's right, my child is old enough to go the dentist. It was kind of more of a mock appointment to get him used to the idea, and he did really good. I'm so proud of him. Dr. Reynolds counted all of his teeth, and he has all the ones he's supposed to have...10 on top and 10 on bottom, and they looked very healthy. That's what I like to hear :) Plus he got to pick out a new toothbrush and toothpaste and floss.