Thursday, June 19, 2014

May Insta-Dump

A quick work to trip to LA for a Neff private party. 
The streets of LA were crazy, and the party was poppin'. 

Matix had his very first field day! 
I was able to take a little work break and hang out for a bit! He had the best time playing field games, but the water games were the favorite! He has the best little friends and they had the best time.

Riley, Matix, Luke
 YSA regional activity. 
I killed it on the roller skates! :)
Ashley Kelli Ashley
 First Wet N Wild trip of the season.
My mom got the whole fam season passes for Christmas (thanks mom) and we love that place. 
Matt had a Saturday off so we took full advantage of some fun in the sun. Matix still prefers the pools over the slides, but I hope that changes because I love the slides!

Noelle got married! In Prague!
We showered her. Then got jealous that I couldn't share her day. And then celebrated when she returned! We celebrated hard, with a double decker bus ride down the strip. Man, I love that girl and Jeff is pretty freaking rad too.

On top of the bus
The LV sign is behind us. haha
Mother's Day
 I made this wall collage for my mom for mother's day. I think it turned out pretty wonderfully. 
Then to celebrate we had a delicious dinner over at Matt's aunts house and then dessert at mine. Matt spoiled me with a Mophie case for my phone and Matix made me some cute pictures. It was a wonderful day with the people I love!
Josh came to visit!
I miss this traveling soul. He finally made time for us and we got slushies and partied down at the Linq where I had my first Sprinkles cupcake and about died and went to heaven. I couldn't believe how good it was!

San Gennaro Feast
Ate so much food and went on all the carnival rides. I'm getting too old (and dizzy) for these things but I loved them regardless. 

Taking Back Sunday
They came back for round 2 and of course we couldn't miss out on a FREE show downtown! Matix got tired so I left a bit early but it was still a blast. 

Red Rock
We spent a Saturday hiking Red Rock. The kids had a blast, but Autumn almost died. I forgot how clueless little ones are. She almost just walked right off a cliff. Thank goodness for Matt's awesome catching skills! Hiking is Matix's favorite thing to do and this time did not disappoint. Afterwards we went swimming at Matt's aunt's house to cool off. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Insta-Dump: April

 Matix + Mommy date. Just the two of us. Our conversations are real grown up lately. It's no surprise because he's all of a sudden getting girl's numbers on notes at school (see below). At least he's all mine, for a couple more years.

 A girl at school gave him her number. She has a little crush ;) 

 Matix had his first talent show, where his class performed some songs. He tried out to do a talent of his own. He chose jokes and practiced for about a week. Unfortunately he didn't make it. He was bummed but bounced back pretty quick.

 Matt and I went on a date to Les Mis at the Summerlin Library. We both loved it so so much. They seriously did such a good job. Except Matt mistook one of the girls for his ex-girlfriend. I never let him live that down.

 He also decided to be a creepy molester mustache man. I hated it for about 3 days and then I actually started loving it. I know...I think I'm the only one. But I really did start to love it. 

 Had a girls night two nights in one week complete with dinner AND shopping. Megan was in town and it was great to see her! Love these girls. So glad we still get together so much!

 Tres had a Gender Reveal party for the babies! Two girls! So excited for her! Love these best friends of mine.

 So...this happened. 

 Take your child to work day was a blast. Too bad I forgot my child. #badmama

Matix started a Karate class again. He kinda loved it. 

 A common theme. Matt, Matt, Matt. Lunch dates. Dinner dates. Nap dates. Concert dates. He pretty much consumes most all of my free time and I'm not sad about it one bit. He makes my heart smile. :)

Huntington Beach & Palm Readings

There are few things I love more than a chill weekend at the beach with some of my favorite people. The reason for our visit was simply to hang out with some of the people I love most, (Margo, Lindsey, Stephanie, Matix, Bekah, Ross) especially before my cute little Ross moves his butt back to the east coast. Still not happy about this. The beach was windy, but still fun. Then we decided to head over to Balboa Island (where Ross lives) and spoil the heck out of Matix. #beach #burgers #popcorn #candy #arcadegames #trampolines #ferries #balboabars #palmreadings The day could not have been any better. We ended the night with dinner with Robin. I miss that girl like a lot. 

Let's talk about these palm readings. We were walking down the boardwalk when we saw a sign: Palm Readings $5. Why not? I've always been curious. I went first.

Ashley: 3 kids. (ok) Not getting married for a few years. (freaking a) Financial success. (heckya) I will have a surgery in my life. (poo) Will live with a guy before marriage. (? devin ?) There's a guy that I love but I don't like. (?) I like to make people happy. (uhhhh)  Im a nurturer. (not) I love animals and old people. (definitely not) A guy may come back to me (im curious!) and she saw 2 guys in my life that are very important to me. (also curious)

Yeah...I'm not sure about all that. I wasn't convinced, but I was intrigued. 
Matix was also intrigued and asked to go next. 

Matix: You are very athletic. You are very academic. When school gets hard, be patient and focus on the teacher and learning. There are 2 kids bugging you at school, tune them out. (true) You play a lot of video games. (true) May be a lwyer because you like to argue. (true) Three kids. Focus on golf, it will make you a lot of money and is not dangerous. (random) I see a blonde girl being prominent in your life. (haha) What's your biggest fear? Dying. Don't worry about that. you are going to live a long life. (pheww) Ask me one question: Will I be a good dad? Yes a VERY good dad. (so sweet)

Everyone else's was pretty head on. It was really fun. Im glad we did it. Matix still talks about that blonde girl and how he needs to play golf. Haha. Cute kid.

Breakfast with Lindsey & Leah
My Main Girl

Margo, Bekah, Matix, Me, Ross

Spoiling the Babes

My Wobin
Margo taught Matix to blow bubbles
Working Class Citizen

Baby C.

I was happy to come home to the boy. We missed each other. :) I was sad I missed his acoustic performance at open mic night. It's okay because he gave me my own private show the weekend before, and I made him record it and send me the video. He's cute and did a great job. Minus the fact that he sang a breakup song and dedicated it to me. He claims it was funny, but I didn't laugh.

Matt had the choice to take off work either last weekend or this weekend (he works weekends, poo) but he chose last weekend because he thought it was more important to hang out with my family, rather than my friends. He's too sweet.