Thursday, August 25, 2011


You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.
One day, I will just pick up and move to California, 
because I am pretty sure I am just meant to be there....And never leave.
I may be a tad bit crazy... but I can never get enough of California.
And there was a list of about 5 reasons why I "needed" to go back...
Now they may have not been THAT important of reasons...but just made sense in my head. 
And I am soooo glad we went.
We had sooo much fun. Yet again.

We had lots of friend time. And boy time. And beach time. 
And rest time. And church time. And shopping time. And food time.
Basically, it was a perfect use of our time.

Unfortunately we also had some sick time.
Matix had a rough night friday night.
He must have eaten something that his stomach didn't agree with.
But luckily by morning he was feeling quite a bit better, and we ended up having a great time.
I was just superrrr tired from lack of sleep.
A big thanks to Zach and Steph for not hating us after the mess(es) we made in their house!!! eeeeek.

Maren and Nate.
 Yes...Me and Nate just can't handle being away from each other for long periods of time. haha
My best friends/sisters.

My Michellio (she lives in Newport)

This is Troy...he's the best!!! sidekick :)

baby shower-layne&ellie

Last week I put together a baby shower for one of my best friends Layne Fender.
She is just about to have baby number two! it shower season or what!?!
I am burnt out!!
But it's totally worth all the work to help out some of my bestest friends!
What a rewarding experience to see the smiles on their faces, and in this case, the tears in their eyes.
Layne has always been such a good friend to me. 
(except for that one time when she almost stole my boyfriend. But don't worry I almost stole hers once too) hahahahhahahaa. True story.
I'm just kidding though.
I love this girl to death and I'm so excited to meet her new little addition, here in a couple short weeks.
Here's to a safe arrival for Baby Ellie :)

Matix and Adam...little buddies.
Matix and Allie...little lovers :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

phantom of the opera.

My favorite california cousins were in town 2 weekends ago for the arrival of baby wyatt. 
It's always fun when we get to see them and catch up.
Friday night, they decided they wanted to go see Phantom of the Opera, 
and I was Carly's date. 
(It was buy 1 get one free for locals...and I'm a local)
I am so glad I got to go! 
Call me sheltered, but I didn't know anything about the plot-line, 
so I did  find myself reading a synopsis online, because I was a little confused....
But it was seriously so good!
We had thebest seats in the house...right under the falling chandelier! 
So fun. So fun.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Ashley & Austin

My best friend Ashley Tresner, is now officially Ashley Hunt.
They sealed the deal Saturday August 6th, 2011 in the Las Vegas Temple.
The day could not have been any more perfect.
And she could not have been a more beautiful bride.

They didn't get sealed until 3 p.m. so they had a wedding luncheon in the morning.
It was at The Sugar Factory at the Paris Hotel.
Wow. That place is amazing. 
I got a $9 shake. And it was TO.DIE.FOR.
I am literally still craving it. 
It's called something berry. I cant remember but everyone should get it.
Then Austin's mom busts out a $100 dessert for the bride and groom. 
It was either heavenly or hell--I still haven't decided.
All I know, is ALL of us dug in, and we still hardly made a dent. 

Later on, we headed to the temple to congratulate the Mr. and Mrs. 

 Then it was time to party our butts off at the reception!

Congrats Austin and Ashley!! <33