Friday, September 30, 2011

Vegas Birthday Bash.

last weekend was one non-stop party. 
all. weekend. long.
it seriously took me two days to recover from the lack of sleep.

three of my huntington friends had birthdays in one week.
and one extra special birthday, because stephanie turned the big 2-1!
that's a lot of celebrating that we had to do.
and where's the best place to celebrate birthdays? 
especially 21st birthdays!?! of course!
happy happy ashley.

our weekend consisted of...

these people:
Ashley, Josh, April, Ryan, Jaron, Bekah, Nick, Stephanie, & Kawika. 
of course there were others scattered in there. some vegas peeps. and some more huntington peeps.

doing this:
sonic run, luv-its, bingo, escalator mischief, zowie bowie, late night shuffle boarding, los tacos, pool time at red rock, hash house a go go, instagraming like crazy, surrender at the encore, the griffin, the artisan, nap, etc. etc. etc.

why oh why do my most favorite people in the world live so dang far away!?!?
it really complicates my life. 
anyways...we sure had a fun fun fun time together.
must reunite pronto.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

quality time.

 This weekend was a good one. A really good one. 
It's no secret that this summer has kept us really busy. 
Really, really busy. 
And I loved every second of it. 
But this weekend was a different kind of love. 
That simple, perfect, love.

My parents went out of town. 
So it was just me and Matix for the most part.
All my attention was on him. All weekend long. That hardly ever happens.

we cooked breakfast together. matix requested blue and green eggs. and then changed his mind and wanted my french toast. we played catch. and watched movies. lot of movies. mostly at night. and we cleaned. matix took care of the tub. i did everything else. and then we went to the museum to see the dinosaurs. just the two of us. and went to h&m to buy him new clothes. and he couldn't have been happier. and i couldn't have gone more crazy watching my little boy run around the store in his underwear as i tried to get him to try on clothes. (who knew that he wears size 1-2 in h&m size pants. weird.) and we watched it rain from the window. and listened for the thunder. and we talked to our favorite california boy. and convinced him to take us to disneyland. and we danced at our favorite friends' wedding, and he fell asleep in my arms. (while dancing). and we did homework. matix successfully wrote his own name! i'm such a proud mama. and he even got to go to church with me....and my bishop made a special nursery class just.for.him. his wife taught the class. and even brought snacks! you should have seen the look on matix's face when he found out there was a nursery at his mom's church. that smile was from ear to ear.

It was so nice not rushing from place to place. Or living out of a suitcase.
Don't get me wrong, I love traveling.
But it was just a fun, nice, relaxing weekend hanging out with my favorite little boy.
He is such a cute little character.
And I'm so glad he's mine.
One morning he woke up and grabbed a picture of us and shows it to me and says...
"Mom, you are my family. And I miss you so much when I'm gone."
Melts my heart.
He then proceeds to tell me that he likes me more than his dad, because I have "better hair."
Yep, that was a direct quote. haha.

Here's to many more of the simple weekends that make it all worth it. <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Party Rockin' Powell!

Remember last year's Lake Powell trip with a bunch of friends???
Ya...well..we did it again!
And it was fun. fun. fun.
Gosh, i love my parents. 
And my awesome. awesome. friends.

This year we went over Labor Day weekend, which made the trip a little bit longer than last year!
The weather was perfect.
The water was perfect.
The company was perfect.

The weekend consisted of:
late nights, fish feeding, wakeboarding, tube wars, sunsets, sandy beaches, the best hiking ever, indian ruins, cliff jumping, sugar comas, rainbow bridge, new friends, tan lines, hot mess hair, cherry chapstick, ice cream pit stops, movies, deep conversations, and laughing til tears.
these are the times i will ALWAYS remember.

  The Crew:
Brian Marx, Nate Giles, Rebecca Albrecht, Christy Cropper, Brokk Jimenez, Jaron Wilson, Jane Zimet, Matix Mason, Brynn Thomas, Me, Tifani Walker, Becca Wardle, Steven Carter, Allison Brown, Luke Andrews, Chaz Ralphs
(Not pictured: Mom and Dad, and Bianca Mendoza)
 Every time I would tube or wakeboard, Matix would be so concerned when I would fall. He would always yell to me..."Mom, are you okay? I love you. Be careful!" It was so cute. He also told my mom that he needs a little board so he can wakeboard like his mom. Aweee. So cute.

 Matix and Nate were the best of friends!! They were so cute together. 
Mommy and Nat are the best of friends too :)
Captain Mom and Pop.

Rainbow Bridge!!

I got to hang out with my friend Sam! I love her. Bad picture though.

Worst group picture ever...stupid sun.

Finally the water level is up high enough at Powell to do the awesome awesome hikes that I love so much! Finally!  It was a really cool hike at the end of West Canyon. It was harder than some I've done in the past, but we all worked together and conquered it! Yep, we literally climbed straight up that wall.

It was the perfect trip to end the perfect summer.
Man, this summer has been good to me. 
And things just keep getting better and better.
♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Meet Dennis. 
He was a foreign exchange student from China who lived with my sister and her family several years ago.
We actually realized that it was over 5 years ago! 
Holy heck time flies.
Anyways, he is now attending college up in Washington, and he came down over the weekend to visit us!
It was so fun to see him again. 
He was like a part of the family. 
And he and I were especially friendly, because I love China so much :)
I think I have decided I am going back to visit him when he moves back to Beijing! 
I miss China. And we all miss Dennis.