Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Bash: Greek Week.

Remember how I said I had a party at my house last weekend?
Ya well I did. 
It was technically a "birthday party" for my friend Jalaine. 
But word spread like wildfire and it really just became a party. with a DJ. 
Jalaine didn't even know a third of the people that came. 
Nor did I.
I estimate that somewhere between 100-200 people came. 
{I'm a bad guesser so I gave myself a lot of room for error}
It was a lotttt of fun. 
Did I mention we got a keg?
And Beer Pong?
And Leah showed up with 6 pizzas in hand, randomly?
And we made Sorority Shirts?
Oh ya, 
It felt like the good 'ole days in Reno. When I actually went to frat parties. 
Only it smelt better. A lot better.  
{didn't know I went to UNR? well i did. for my freshman year of college} 

Diet Cherry Seven Up: Almost the equivalent of drinking beer. (i think)
It was nassssstyy. And took everything inside of me to not barf.
I even secretly poured some of mine into one of Brynn's cup. 
But then
I didn't realize how much I lacked beautiful lashes. 
Eyelash extensions? asap? Darci?
Kelli even came! 
{you have no idea how exciting this is}
 Pizza Girl Leah + Janie

 Mister DJ B-Raid

I know from the pictures it doesn't appear that a lot of people came. But I swear they were there.
They just weren't as important of people. Remember?

Monday, February 21, 2011


sometimes we just have to vent.

I have been sick all week. My symptoms are going away, but I still just feel poopy overall. I have been so lazy. I stayed in bed all day thursday, saturday, and sunday. literally. It actually was kind of heavenly. I secretly am the laziest person who ever lived. On second thought, maybe it's not a secret. Anyways...My mom and dad went to the cabin this weekend, and decided to take Matix with them, because a.) I was hosting a birthday p.a.r.t.y at my house saturday night and b.) i was sick. It kinda just worked out. SO of course Sunday night when they got home, I was sooooo excited to see my little booger butt and just wanted to spend time with him. I thought about it all day. When I saw him I was graced with a "Mommmmmmm!!!" and the biggest smile and hug in the world as he ran up to me. He told me about his trip and then I told him to come to my room and snuggle me before bed. We were both sooo excited.

and then he saw Doug.

And everything changed.

We all crawl into bed and Doug grabs a book. Matix doesn't wanna share a pillow with me. Matix doesn't wanna snuggle me. He doesnt want me to read the book. He doesn't even want me to touch him. Nothing. Only with Doug. I am basically dead to him. He does not care about me at all. HIS OWN MOTHER. His flesh and blood. I get upset. I mean really upset. And Doug tries to fix things by getting Matix to hug me or kiss me or anything. {which helps}. He even bribes him into letting me read the book, but he won't budge. Finally we send him to bed, and Doug leaves because I really just don't feel up to hanging out anymore.

Then...Matix woke up in the night and literally cried for Doug all night long! He screamed for a half hour straight until we called Doug (at 1 am). In his sleep he would say "Mom, don't fight with my Dougie." "Mom when's Doug coming back to my house?"

Now I know he is only 2....but I am really bugged. It hurts my heart. I am his mother. He is supposed to love me the most. Doug is great, I get that. And he is sooo good with Matix. But is it so bad that I want my own kid to love me again....instead of just when Doug is not around!?!?!

PS: Then next morning he was back to everything being fine again. And he loved me again. But Still. Am I wrong to feel this way?!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the many faces of matix.

Matix is all about emotions lately. He loves to show me all his different faces.
He learned them from his quiet book and it's escalated from there.
He'll say..."Mom, you be sad, and I''l be mad." It really is the cutest.  I love how smart he's getting.
 I love each and every one of these little faces. Some more than others though. 
Although his mad and sad faces are pretty stinkin' cute.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

bieber fever.

For Brynn's birthday, the girl's got together for sushi and a movie. Never Say Never to be exact.  I have to tell you--that movie will give you Bieber Fever. Seriously. I wasn't much of a Bieber fan... I mean I liked him fine... but I thought he was just a cute little kid with some cute songs. I didn't quite get the obsession people had with him. Actually I really didn't even know that he was that big of a deal. But dude...people are nuts over him! 
And now I get it. I totally get it. 
The kid's got talent. At age two he was freaking playing the drums on beat. And he is probably the cutest kid everrrrrrrr. Actually he's a heartthrob. If only I was 16....haha. 
Even though the movie was just an extended version of E! True Hollywood Story...i basically loved it. Now I need to go make some fanatic YouTube videos of how much I love him so I can be featured as a psycho fan in his next movie. Since I'm sure there will be a next one. Wish me luck.

Oh and just in case you were wondering...when I say I got Bieber Fever. I mean it. I woke up the next morning sicker than crap and with a fever of 101. Thanks Justin. 

sushi samba.

Doug surprised me with dinner reservations at Sushi Samba for Valentines Day! He didn't get off work until about 8:30, so I really wasn't expecting to do much. He texted me earlier in the day that he got us reservations for 9:15! I'd never been there before, and boy was I in for a treat. I thought it was just an overpriced sushi joint (since it was in the Palazzo), but it's different.  It's a Japanese/Peruvian/Brazilian restaurant with a menu that  might as well have been in French. I had no idea what to order. But with a little help from the waiter, I was beyond pleased with the result. Who knew that seabass and miso & lobster/mango roll could be so good? Not I. However, it is a little pricey. Undoubtedly. When I asked Doug what he was going to get he literally listed off three things that totaled about $80...FOR HIMSELF. I put my foot down immediately. He responded with, "...but it's a special occasion." To which I replied, "Special occasion=$40 meal. $80 meal for yourself is just ridiculous. Get the Churrasco and you'll be fine." He agreed and even took home leftovers. What would he do without me?? I don't even know. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

beach day.

Huntington Beach.

Saturday we all slept in since Disneyland made us so "tired!" It was really nice to just relax and hang out around the house. Doug's mom made waffles and berries for breakfast, and then the boys were off to explore the bamboo forest and walk the dog. Matix hurt his finger in a plant and couldn't wait to tell me all about it and have his mommy kiss it all better. Then the little boys cleaned the pool and pretended to be "scorpion boy" and "bee boy" while Debbie chased them with the hose. It was so funny to watch!

Later in the afternoon we packed up and headed to the beach for surfing, of course. The Stewarts never miss a Saturday surf. The besties, Zach and Steph joined us and I was so happy to see them! Zach even tried his hand at surfing. He realized it was a lot of work! Matix was soooo brave. Normally he is scared of the waves and mostly enjoys playing in the sand, but this time he was all about the water. Freezing cold and all. He was having a blast jumping and running to and from the waves. "Grandma Debbie" was such a fun playmate. But the sand was still fun too. After beach time my parents and all the Stewarts and Zach and Steph and us, all went to Cafe Rio. It was so much fun. And I would say that the whole "informal" family meeting went really well, even thought our dad's couldn't be more opposite! The conversations never ended :)

We can't wait for our next trip to sunny sunny California. 
Matix was sooooo sad to leave!

Monday, February 14, 2011

dreams come true.

Disneyland 2011.

Yes, it's true! We just got back from Matix's THIRD trip to the Magic Kingdom! Spoiled? Maybe a little. But in my defense, we have yet to purchase a ticket on any of the trips! Lucky us...right? I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to make a trip to Disneyland/California asap for 3 reasons...

1. Wedding season is slow right now so it is easy for Doug to take off work.
2. It's slow season at Disneyland=smaller lines.
3. Matix turns 3 in May...and then he requires a ticket. 
(4. Doug hasn't seen his family since Christmas)

Really good reasons, right? And then to top it all off, i got offered free three tickets into the park! (Thanks Troy!!)  So it was a done deal. We invited anyone who wanted to come....and we had quite a few takers. The parents. The grandparents. Doug's Mom and sister in law and kiddos. Then we found out that my cousin Jenn and her family would be there the same day as well. It was a Disneyland parrrr-tay. 
We got to California Thursday night and headed to the park on Friday. Un-lucky for us it was Lincoln's Birthday and some students had school off. Who knew? I never remember getting that holiday off from school.  The lines still weren't that bad though. I think we waited 30 min max. Matix did better with lines this year, especially with the distraction of Christian and Sidney, but he struggled with getting off the rides. He loved just about all the rides, but I think his favorites were Dumbo, Jungle Cruise, and Tom Sawyers Island.

Having my grandparents there was a lot of fun. It was a last minute addition, and I'm glad it all worked out. We don't get to spend a lot of time with them so it was fun, especially for Matix to get to know them a little better and vice versa. They don't get out as much as they used to so they really enjoyed the change of scenery. They haven't been to Disneyland since the 80's! I'm glad they could come and keep up. My grandpa even took off in his rascal a few times and we had troubles finding him. Oh, grandpa. 

 Later in the day, my mom watched the kiddos so me and Doug could make our way over to California Adventures, since I've never been. We were super quick so we wouldn't be away too long, so I didn't get to see much. We went on Tower of Terror (which I loved) and Soarin' Over CA. Then we ran (literally) back to Toon Town to catch up with the gang, where Matix was finally tall enough to ride the roller coaster! I'm super sad we missed out on World of Color though. Next time, for SURE.
After the kids got spoiled with toys from grandpa, we ended the night with the firework show. It's a favorite of mine and Matix.
as we were walking out of the park Matix yells...
"Stop making me so tired you Disneyland!!"
It was pretty much the cutest thing I ever did hear. 
Until Next time, Disneyland.

happy valentine's day

love this movie.
love this man.
love my life.

ps: i have two valentines.
1 to snuggle with in the am
and 1 to snuggle with in the pm.
be jealous.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the club can't even handle us.

one of my friends, leah, turned 21 last week. 
so of course we had to take her out on the town. 
plus, we're always looking for an excuse to put our freakin' dresses on and have a girl's night. 
21+girls+vegas=so much fun!

my friend david hooked it up with free dinner at lavo.
yes, freeeeee!
lavo is at the palazzo hotel and has some good italian food.
then we also got a table at the nightclub with free cokes all night long.
ya baby. 

we have decided we're gonna make girl's nights a once a month thing.
or once a week.

{happy birthday leah}

the birthday girl

 brooke, me, jane, allison, leah, ashley