Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Life Cube Project.

The Life Cube Project.

'"The Life Cube Project is an interactive community art installation created by Scott Cohen (skeeter). The first Life Cube was built at Burning Man in 2011. Since then, the concept has evolved to include opportunities for the community to express themselves, create and show their art. The mission of The Life Cube Project is to get people to write down their goals, wishes, dreams, and aspirations with the belief that there is a better chance of achieving them.'"

In March, Downtown Las Vegas joined in on the Life Cube Project fun. For the whole month the Life Cube sat downtown across fromAtomic Liquors for people to write down their hopes, dreams, and wishes. Working downtown and for the company that I work for, I get to hear all about the rad events going on in Vegas and in the world. I didn't make it down to write in the big Life Cube, but I recruited a few of my friends last minute to going to the burning fest. We wrote down some of our wishes and then we burned them into existence. I gave Matix a marker with now supervision and he wrote "Killr Best" (killer beast). I don't even know what I think bout that, but he sure sounded it out pretty well?
It was such a positive and fun little experience, all about success and happiness and love. We all had a pretty rad time. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Royal Affair.

The YSA (Young Single Adults) hosted a Sadie Hawkins type dance in March, which they called "A Royal Affair" (Since the Royal Mesa Ward was in charge). We had kind of talked about going and then forgot about it until that night. We decided to all go in a big group, until some of the girl's decided to be lame and start pairing off in dates and planning matching outfits. Since I had just gone out with Matthew the night before, and we happened to get matching Adam Carolla shirts, it only made sense that I ask him to be my date. Luckily, he accepted. 

And guess what? 

We were the best matching/best looking/best dancing couple to walk in those doors. But seriously, Matt used to ballroom dance professionally. He'd been telling me for weeks, but I didn't believe him until his aunt vouched for him. Now I believe him, kinda. Anyways, he danced well..and I...tried. It was a super fun night dancing and eating. My friends are way too freaking funny. 

PS: It was supposed to be a formal thing and we did not dress up at all....but we didn't care. 
We looked good and danced like rockstars. ;) 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

February Wrap Up.

Our office is located right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. We literally eat lunch at the new Container Park every day. I love the park. I love the weather. I love being outside. I love the food. I love the company. And I love my job. Life is good. Did I mention my bff Kelli woks with me. She's the best lunch date. Has been since high school. 

 One of our bigger clients at work is Mr. Carolla. As a perk, I got to see him and meet him when he did a show in Vegas. It also happened to be one of his employee's birthday, who just so happens to be my client and friend. I made him a really special card. He loved it. Enough to Instagram it. 

And...speaking of work, my boss ('s wife) and I worked together to throw Jaron (who happens to be my close guy friend and her brother) a surprise 30th Birthday party! Jaron is the absolute most selfless person I know and therefore hates attention, and I love pissing him off. So naturally a huge party was the best way to go. He hated it, but I know he secretly loved it. Lots of people came and we successfully surprised the heck out of him. We danced and I made him a banner. Woila!

And...speaking of birthdays. This little lady turned 25. She had the funnest little Mario Cart party at Mini Grand Prix. Matix thoroughly enjoyed it until we got in quite the accident on the race cars. He hit his head pretty good and then he hated it. Deja vu maybe? I love Chloe and am so glad she's still one of my good friends. 

This cute friend of mine decided that Utah was cooler than Vegas and moved back. I hate Utah for stealing all my friends. But I still like her and all the new/old clothes she gave me before she moved away. Score. 

My ward threw a carnival in the parking lot of our church. It was a missionary activity and we invited the whole neighborhood to join. It was quite successful and Matix sure enjoyed the candy and games. I think we're going to start doing them more regularly and I think it will be great! Hooray for missionary work! So fun!

We decided to get a few of my friends together one evening to play laser tag and this little boy is now o b s e s s e d. We had so much fun and his birthday party has now been switched to a laser tag party. Stay tuned for that. 

Flashback--Huntington Beach 2011
One day I was talking to Matix about his day at school. He is a pretty excited little kid so he has to put his head down pretty regularly. He's excited to announce to me when I get home from work if he had no head downs that day. On this particular day he said, "Mom, I had to put my head down because during story time the ice cream on the page hypnotized me and I just had to touch it." Yep-He's definitely a Marx. 

My sweet Aunt Christy passed away. She is actually my dad's first cousin, but I like the term aunt better. It's more fitting. This sweet lady fought a year long battle with cancer and never lost her smile or her good attitude. She even had to say the hardest goodbye-sending her baby boy on a mission across the world, knowing she'd never see him again. I can't even imagine. Oh the heartache. I'm glad she's in a better place and that her family has some tender memories and moments with her this past year. 

This pretty lady is getting married in just a few short days. I'm glad I got to shower her before her big day. It was the most stunning shower with the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted (and I h a t e chocolate cake). We also got to hang out with her another couple of days while she was in town (she lives in Nashville now, boo). Frozen in her movie theatre with candy for days. The best. I love Noelle and I wish I could be there for her big day at a castle in Prague. Perfection. 

Speaking of weddings...I got engaged. Actually, I got proposed to. 
I politely declined. 
No wedding bells for me. Ever. Haha. 

And it might have something to do with this movie I watched this month. Endless Love. This girl. is. perfect. Their love. is. perfect. And me and Allison are now convinced that if we had "legs for days" then maybe, just maybe, we'd be married. 
It just makes sense. 

My friends Brett and Stacie got hitched, and she has long legs. Point proven. We danced the night away with some of my favorite friends. Matix was in quite the dancing mood that as soon as we got there, he told me it "was his favorite song" and we pretty much didn't leave the dance floor. Love that little boy of mine. 

February was a good month!!

Now let's move on to March...