Wednesday, June 22, 2011

huntington meets vegas.

This past weekend, some of my favorite new Huntington friends came with Josh to visit me! I was so excited. I even convinced my good friend Nate to come down from Utah too. I was basically pimpin' 4 dudes all weekend. No big deal. :)

Friday night we went to The Artisan, which was a bust. Then the Griffin. Insert Coin. And ended the night at The Tap House for a little shuffle board, our favorite.
Me and Josh were Ashley's Boobs 2....the best team combo ever. 

Saturday we spent the majority of the day at the pool and had Cappriottis for lunch. Then I went to FUN. while the boys explored the strip. Then we met back up and danced our little hearts out at Spazmatics and ended the night at The Peppermill, yummm.  


Sunday we went to church and out to lunch at Los Tacos before the Huntington boys had to hit the road back to real life. Luckily, thought...Natey boy stayed with me one more night. And then I took him to the airport at 5:30 am. Monday morning...I'm a great friend. :)

 I'm so happy that they came to visit!!! Hopefully they will come back soon....or else I might just be finding my way back to California in the near future...I always seem to find my way back there some way or another huh!?! If only I could just move there. Sigh.

Sidenote---My parents decided last minute to go up to our cabin with some of my sisters, so they took Matix along. He had a blast....and I had a blast snuggling him Sunday night while recouping from a busy busy and sleepless weekend.

jocks vs. nerds.

Last weekend we decided to go to another dress up party. We all know how much I love to dress off to savers we went. Man, I love that place. How awesome that just about everything I bought to be a nerd, I would basically wear in real life. haha. I guess that tells me something :)

best picture of brynn...everrrrrr

single lady.

I guess I have failed to mention that me and the boyfriend and I have called it quits for good.
Nothing big happened...we just decided that maybe we should break up for a while and in doing so we have both realized that we are happier apart. I feel really good about our decision....which is weird because I usually have a hard time with break ups. Doug was the best boyfriend I have ever had, obviously. He treated me and Matix better than I could have ever imagined, which is why it's so weird that things didn't work out. I kind of thought they would. Oh was a fun eleven months together and things are looking up for me. I couldn't be happier. :)

It's been about a month since we broke up and I have been having a lot of fun! And more fun things are in just wait :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

i survived.

Matix is now officially home from his trip, and I couldn't be more excited about it.
I officially survived two weeks without him. 
Luckily I had a couple of fun trips with fun friends to help keep me distracted. 

Everything went well as far as his vacation to Texas. 
Grandma Cindy said he was a great traveler and was really good for her.
He got to see his cousins, go to Chuck E. Cheese, had barbecues, and went to the zoo.
Every time I talked to him on the phone, he was excited to tell me about something else.
Speaking of, I really noticed how conversational he has gotten 
since I talked to him on the phone so much.
I felt like I was talking to a little kid, instead of a baby. 
It's crazy to think of how big of a kid he actually is.

Since he got home yesterday, we have spent a lot of time kissing and snuggling and saying I love you's.
I cant even begin to describe how exciting it was to come home from work 
and see his face light up when he saw me!
He ran and gave my a hug and told me how much he missed me. 
It melted my heart.
Then he gave me a little present that he got me.
He picked it out all by himself and could hardly wait to give it to me.
It is an elephant mood necklace. And I am wearin' it proudly. 
He told me he got the elephant because I don't like lions :)
Man, I sure love this little kid. 
It's good to have him home. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Annual Girls Trip 2011: Lake Havasu

Some of my very best friends are Megan, Megan, and Ashley.
Our names obviously prove that we were just meant to be best friends.
The summer of 2009 we all hung out all the time and got really close. 
It was then that we nicknamed ourselves "The Megleys"... and it stuck.
Back then I was the only married one (with a  husband who lived in Texas all summer).
Fast forward 2 years, and now I am the only single one. 
Weird how life works out. 

Anyways, since our lives have gone in different directions, we have decided to do a girls trip every year. 
I really hope we can stick to it, because some of my best memories are with these three girls. 
And this past weekend we created a few more. 
We had been planning to go somewhere awesome, but then life happened. (as it always does)
So finally a last minute trip to Megan's house in Lake Havasu came together perfectly. 
It was a short trip, but just spending quality time together was exactly what we needed.

We got there Friday, went to dinner and then played some board games.
Saturday we were out on the water all day, tubing, tanning, reading, relaxing, and cliff jumping.
We ended the day with a movie "Something Borrowed" and a delicious rib dinner made by the parents.
Sunday we cleaned up and walked down main street looking at shops, and eating icees before heading home. 

(we were also joined by Megan's sister in laws, Brooke and Crystal...the more the merrier! )

Can't wait til our next trip, girls!