Saturday, March 24, 2012

everything's changing.

My life has recently spiraled in a whole new direction, and I kind of love it. 
I was recently fired from my job. 
"But Ashley, didn't you work for your dad?" 
Yes. Why yes I did. I also worked for my uncle, and he and I have quite the personality conflict. (I'm not the only one who he conflicts with) My dad was on a trip in Mexico and the next thing I know, I am jobless. And we'll just leave it at that. But I'm pretty positive I have a new job lined up that should be starting shortly, so I'm not too worried about things. PLUS being jobless (and getting unemployment) is basically the best thing everrrrr. I am seriously having a blast. I have all day every day to do whatever I want. Whatever I want. The possibilities are endless!! 
Here are some of the things I've been up to: 
I took Matix to the park on a gorgeous Friday. Babysat my sister's kids. Took Matix to see the Lorax. Had a lunch date with some high school friends. Reorganized my closet. Had a mommy day at the park. Went to lunch with my grandma for her birthday. Best friend+boyfriend came to visit. I have been spending some serious quality time with the boyfriend, who just so happens to live 6 hours away. Long distance is so much more doable when I don't have a job taking up the majority of my time. I'd much rather be spending time with him anyways...I say it's a win/win. Life is great. 

Hiking at Calico Basin
Best Friend, Nate and Matix at Cold Stone
Country Line Dancing at Stoney's

Park Days

Lunch Date
Happy 78th Birthday, Grandma Marx
Ps: Did I mention I got a new roomate?
"But Ashley, don't you live with your parents?"
Yes. Why yes I do.
And now so does she. Temporarily. 
But we all love it. Especially Matix. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Ataris.

Tuesday night was the best night. I randomly found out the The Ataris were playing a small show at Beauty Bar. Omg. THE ATARIS. Hello high school dream that I never fulfilled...Until now. I probably had not heard a single song in a good 8 years (that's probably a lie) ...But i remember every single word. To every single song. Yes, I used to listen to them that much. My friends made fun of me as I sang along with the biggest smile on my face. In fact, we were standing next to their old tour manager and he called me a super fan. I don't even care. It took my right back to the good 'ole high school days of being sixteen, carefree, and listening to the loudest music ever. The things you make me want to do. I'd rob a quickie mart for you. I'd go to the pound and let all the cats go fee, just as long as you'll be with me. 

And to top it all off, my boyfriend spontaneously jumped in the car at 10pm that night to come spend a few days with me over spring break. Yes I said boyfriend. And yes he's the best. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

mckenzie's wedding.

This weekend my cute friend McKenzie got married! I have stayed really good friends with so many of my high school friends. They are some of my bests. I love how we are so good at keeping in touch and getting together as often as we can. Well, McKenzie's wedding brought several additions from out of town to our usual get togethers. I love catching up and seeing the different directions everyone's life is taking them. 
Dinner at Macayo's
McKenzie (Salt Lake), Me, Celina, Amanda (Pennsylvania), Erin, Kelli, Kadee (Texas)

The Wedding
Alicia (North Carolina), Megan, Kadee (Texas),  Heather (Arizona), McKenzie (Salt Lake), Me

Tangled lanterns at the reception... best idea ever!
Congrats McKenzie and Nick!

Provo, Utah.

Last weekend Matix and I headed up north for a spontaneous fun few days in Provo.
It's been almost a year exactly since I've made it up there. Crazy. I'd say it was about time.

While there we got to:

Have lunch and play games with Grandma and Grandpa Jacobsen

Go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Get mustaches and watch The Muppets with Thayne

Meet cousin Megan's cute little baby Simon

Take Matix climbing, finally.
He got his own baby harness and made it all the way to the top...ALL BY HIMSELF! 
(I definitely have a little climber on my hands)

Take Matix to his first house show in SLC.
He partied a little too hard, as you can see.

 Visit my cute cousins Carley and Weston.
We just adore them.

But most importantly we got to spend lots and lots of time with this cute boy. 

I don't think our time could have been spent doing anything better.
I have a feeling we might make it back up there sooner than later :)

(I also got to see my best friend Megan Hundley and Sammy Whammy-I just didn't get pictures with them gosh dang it)

Friday, March 9, 2012

best day.

Just a few hours. Just me and him. Is Just the best.

We literally ran up to each other, snapping away with our matching cameras. (mine's better) and hugged the best hug. In our matching pants. (not planned) Because we are basically the same person. (only not)

Love this kid. And his random trips to Vegas. They make me happy. 
We have the same sense of humor and that makes everything better. And funnier. 

Here's to more maroon pant best friend days. soon. very soon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

sister missionary...part 2.

My friend Jane is officially a sister missionary. She entered the MTC yesterday. I can't believe it. I'm really going to miss her. But she is going to be the best little missionary. Let the letter writing begin!

Before she left, of course we had to throw her a little open house after her farewell talk. My house is so close to our church, so I offered to throw it at my house. Luckily I have some freaking awesome friends who were more than willing to help bake, cook, and set up. It was the best Saturday night. We are so domestic. Thanks Brynn, Becca, Allison, and Thayne... the future caterers of America. Jane's talk was perfect and the open house was successful. After we watched God's Army 2, which was the most depressing movie ever-Not recommended. And ended the night watching the Walking Dead, which started Matix's current zombie kick. 

Monday night we had our usual Bachelor viewing party. The saddest part about Jane leaving is definitely not being able to see the finale. And the Women Tell All, obviously. This season was redic. If you're a fellow fan...please read right this second. It has brought us to tears from laughing so hard these last few weeks.  Thursday night we had one last hoorah for just us girls--a free dinner at Lavo. The most deliciousness ever. The waitress even brought us non alcoholic shots. I love my friends. Things are definitely going to be different without our Janey around. 

See ya in 18 months, Sister Z.