Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Catch-Up.

I don't even know if I'm going to be able to catch up on all that has happened this summer. So much has happened and changed.

I think this was the summer of growth for me. I grew in ways I never even knew I needed to grow

My love for this little boy grew and grew and grew. My priorities changed. I was planning an awesome trip for 2 weeks to explore a far away land, until the accident happened. I knew I needed to just be here for my little boy instead. Giving up a trip is a hard thing to feel good about, but I know it was the right decision.  

I got a new, real life, grown up job. Some things started to fall apart at my orthodontist job and it became an awful and stressful place to be. So I started to look for a new job. I interviewed for what I thought was my dream job and I was so stoked about it. But before they offered me the position, I also interviewed for an internship I thought I would never in a million years take. Job vs. Internship? It seemed pretty clear. They offered the internship to me on the spot, and it turned out to be unbelievably perfect. So I took it, and I fast forward a month of working there and the ortho office and then a crazy change of events and I am now just just about to finish my internship at this PR and Social Media firm that has offices in LA, SF, NY and LV. And the best part is we work from home every day but Mondays! (perfect for mom life) And it's exactly what I went to school for. And my manager is awesome and has a resume that is to die for, and is my mentor. My very understanding and helpful mentor. And I have real (celebrity) client meetings. And conference calls. And my email get about a million emails a day. And it makes me feel so important and grown up sometimes. And then I remember that I'm still an intern, but my manager told a client today that they're going to hire me for real, and I couldn't be more ready or excited for this opportunity. Everyday I wonder how this all worked out so perfectly for me. I guess I'm just lucky or blessed. I think maybe a little of both. 

I bought a car! Kinda. I technically don't have it yet due to some odd complications but I still consider it bought and that means I'm a real grown up now doing real grown up things, I think.

And I finally got to the point where I realized that the breakup with Devin was actually for the best. It took a long time for me to get to that point, but I can honestly say that I am over him and I am happy! Gasp. So many great and wonderful things have been happening to me, especially in the last couple of weeks. My life literally fell apart in every way possible but now I can see that it was actually coming together and everything is falling into place quite nicely. I'm excited to see what's next for me and I can't thank God enough for sending two new people into my life who have helped me grow and learn so much, especially spiritually, and have been key players in getting me to where I am today. So much has changed the past few weeks and I couldn't feel more at peace about my life and the direction it is heading. 

And PS: Devin is moving back to Utah and our house is in escrow and we are selling it for a ridiculous amount more than we bought it for...just 4 months ago. Grow bank account, grow!

AND in the midst of all this life changing things...we even managed to have a pretty dag-on-dang-good summer. We went to Lake Powell twice! And Lake Mead with friends! And I had the best birthday thanks to some amazing friends! And Matix got his dang cast off and is all healed! 

Take a looksy at how much fun we've been having....

Lake Powell Trip #1-4th of July 
My Natey boo boo bff invited me on a last minute LP trip. My family cancelled their first LP trip due to the accident, so we were stoked to go. We went with a family and they camp on Lone Rock beach. I've never felt more white trash with their semi on the beach, or had as much fun! Man, did we have fun sleeping under the stars and playing like crazy. 

Twenty-Seventh Birthday Fiesta, and Food, and Dancing, and Karaoke 
(Birthdays are a big deal and call for multiple celebrations, especially when your best friend is in town form NYC)

 Lake Powell Trip #2-Marx Family
This trip was quite the adventure. Our HB was having some major mechanical problems which ended in us almost taking out 5 boats in the marina and definitely crashing straight into a rock. So scary. But we survived with only minor damages thanks to Super Captain Steve! We didn't let it stop us from having a great time with the fam parked next to Pres. Gutierrez and I paddle boarded for the first time! 

Cast Came off!
Matix has healed wonderfully. We still put scar cream on his face everyday and his arm still bows a little but it should heal in time. He's back to his normal little self, but he did show signs of PTSD after the accident. He was very paranoid of being left alone and would not, i repeat would not, go to a babysitter. But we've worked through a lot of it and even took him to a counselor. He seems to be doing much better. But we still talk about the accident quite regularly. He tells me what he remembers and asks questions. He also gets asked about his face by most everyone who sees him.
 "Chicks dig scars!!!"

Lake Mead with Friends
My friends Casey and Tanner have a HB out at Lake Mead which we have frequented this summer. After work jet ski rides? I'll take it! Our ward was having a lake trip, but there happened to be an awful storm the night before so they cancelled it. We went anyways and stayed the night on the HB with a bunch of my fave friends + Matix. Unfortunately for the ward...the weather cleared up and it was a perfect day at the lake. 

Random Summer Fun:

Late night swim sessions with some of my favorites. 

The skating rink with the fam for Brianda's birthday. Matix loves loves loves to skate and thinks he's a lot better than he actually is. Dream big little one. 

Four best friends reunited at last. MOVE HOME BRYNN!

We finally were able to use our Wet n' Wild season passes! So excited to have a water park back in town, but I can't wait for it to get bigger and bigger. Matix went on all the rides he was allowed to go on, but he still prefers the wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie pools. I personally loved all the slides and conquered my 10 year-old fear of the Der Stuka. The 9 year olds boys surrounded me (including my nephew) and gave me high-fives upon completion. I was on top of the world! and Allson went one day and got asked 3 times if we were over 18. Man, did that feel good!! :)

My summer obsession: The Frozen Frog. 
Snow cones, with ice cream on the bottom and cream on top. I could eat one everyday. 

Got invited to The grand Opening to Zupas-Las Vegas in Summerlin. (Thanks, Darc) Free food and fun galore. I love me some Zupas!

Les Miserables with my Mom. I bought her tickets for her birthday. Words can't express how much I loved seeing it. I may or may not have listened to the CD's on shuffle for at least two weeks following the play. It was that good!