Friday, November 22, 2013


I have this dear friend in California, Troy, who just so happens to have a little bit of a Disneyland hookup. And since we have a mild obsession with that place and he's freaking awesome, he decided to spoil us with a free trip to Disneyland! Why am I the luckiest girl in the world?!?! 
I decided to go this weekend for a couple of reasons: 
a.) Matix didn't have school on Friday due to parent-teacher conferences. Empty Disneyland is a much happier place. 
b.) It was my best friend Stephanie's birthday weekend and I just love her! 
So me, my friend Jane and Matix pack up the car and headed to California for the weekend as soon as we were trick-or-treated out and then headed to the happiest place on earth early Friday morning! We met Troy at the park and then were off to have some fun! Before about 1pm we didn't wait in any line for more than like 15 min. Heavenly. Later in the day things got a little busier but never too bad. I could go on and on about how much fun it was, but the pictures speak for themselves. We had a blast and stayed until after World of Color. I love that show so much. Speaking of shows...The Aladdin one in California Adventures. AMAZING. I don't know why I've never seen it before because I'm kind of in love with Aladdin and Jasmine. They are my number one faves. 
Anyways, onto the pictures….

Disneyland is the best (and so is Troy). 
Thanks again, Troy! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's no secret that I love Halloween. Seriously, I don't even mind the month long celebration. The more I get to dress up, the better. This year Matix wanted to be a zombie...and the gorier the better. As much as I love zombies and think that would have been super awesome...all I could think about was bringing my cute, innocent little boy dressed like that to kindergarten! I just couldn't do it! I would have felt like the worst mom in the world next to the cute little princesses and Disney characters. Oh, hey, I'm the mom who let's my child come to school looking like the walking dead. Sorry Matix...ain't gonna happen. Maybe next year. :)

After much discussion and Pinterest browsing we came up with the perfect idea. Matix would be Jack and I would be Sally Skellington. He loves the Nightmare Before Christmas. And it's almost zombie-ish aka he gets to wear scary makeup. And it's Disney so it's totally non-judge-proof. SCORE. 

The Real Sally and Jack:

The Pinterest Inspiration:
Seriously, so stinking cute. I die. Unfortunately time was short and my skill are limited so I couldn't hand make an equally amazing outfit. 

The Reveal:
Also...there were seriously NO Jack costmues in Matix's size. Babies and adults. So I bought the cheapest adult costume I could find and altered the jacket to perfection (Thanks Mom). I think it turned out perfect. Also, my stitches got added later when I was in less of a hurry.

I dressed up a total of 4 times. And Matix 3. First we had our annual Marx Halloween Party that my mom throws every year. Complete with spooky dancing, pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern, witches brew and pizza. Saturday night I had a costume party at my friend Allison's house where we danced the night away with Hooter's girls, a scary clown, Waldo, Mr. H. Potter, and a Miley wannabe. Our ward trunk-or-treat and chili cook off was on Hallow's Eve, where I became an expert face-painter and my dad made us all touch "slimy secrets" that I later found out were weird things he and his young men found at the asian market...including cow tongue. Ewwwww.  Then finally on Halloween we had Matix's school parade and party and then trunk-or-treating at my sister's ward and trick-or-treating...just me and my boy. We found the best neighborhood that was decked out to the max. 

 We LOVE Halloween!!
(and have enough candy to last a lifetime)

Friday, November 15, 2013

October Recap.

This is such a lazy way of blogging but sometimes really fun and cute things happen in our everyday lives, that don't need an entire blog post. So here are some of the fun things that happened in October:

My ward had a Great Gatsby party, that we didn't feel like dressing up for. We went anyways and danced the night away. I absolutely love dancing with Megan. She's always a good time.

Matix is seriously the sweetest little boy. One day I was working in my room and he came in with this note for me. It was a thank you note that he had made all by himself (we've been working on phonetically writing words, so now he loves to write notes) for the gel I had recently bought him. Since I work from home, Matix has had to become very independent. He gets himself showered, bed made, room cleaned, hair done and teeth brushed every morning with very little help. He has loved how long-lasting this new gel is and wanted to make sure I knew it. What a little sweetheart I have. 

One day at my internship, Me and Jordan were hard at work in our office when all of a sudden we heard a huge thud! We suspected it was a bird that flew straight into the window and our suspicions were confirmed when we left for the evening. We held a little funeral service for our dear pigeon friend since we were the last to see him alive and the first to see him dead. (We owed it to him)

Lotus of Siam is one of Matix's favorite restaurants. he has been begging to go but it is not the cheapest restaurant and it requires a reservation a few days in advance or a long wait. (Yes, it's that good) So consequently we never go. One weekend Dev was in town for work so we decided to go! Matix was so thrilled! Except now he's begging to go to Thailand! Like mother like son. 

My step-cousin (that I didn't even know existed) moved into our house for about a month in Sept-Oct. He is a really cool guy and has decided to live in Vegas permanently. Anyways, he is always looking for fun things to do so one Saturday we went with him out to Lake Mojave to cliff jump. Yep, it was freezing so I wussed out but Matix would not get out of the water. He was just talking crap to me the whole time. It was a fun little adventure. 

Almost our whole family was together for my nieces birthday one Sunday we took a picture. 

My best friend, roommate, bandmate, soulmate is getting married so we showered her with love. Can't wait til next weekend!

My friend Brett turned another year older so we celebrated him by stuffing our faces and then going to a YSA bonfire. I think we kissed that night but it was totally on accident because we are just that good of friends. 

Sometimes Karly invites me to go shopping with her and literally buys nothing and I buy everything I see. I love having cool neighbor friends that support my shopping addiction. 

My best college friend Sara came in town from D.C. for work and we go to dinner and spend way too much time catching up on our lives. I can't believe we three are still so close after 9 years. We met in the dorms at UNR in 2004. I just adore her. 

A big group of my friends went out to Bonnie Screams before Halloween for some haunted house fun. It was totally not scary but you'd never know it with these girls. Biggest scarety cats I know. They literally were dying! haha. I love my friends. 

We also painted pumpkins because carving is just too messy and a lot of work for my taste. I think Matix's Frankenstein is actually really freaking good. 

Jon's (my ex husband) sister has decided to become active in the Mormon church again which is awesome! So her son, Daniel decided to get baptized this month! Matix was so excited to be at church with his dad's side of the family. We are so excited for them!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Really is Beautiful.

One of the perks of my new internship is free concerts. The Killers just so happened to be playing Las Vegas' kick A new music festival a couple weekends ago. Hello VIP pass. Wearing a black wristband amongst all the pinks, made me feel so super cool. My new friend Ben even bowed down to me at one point. It was well-deserved, obviously.

But you guys, VIP or no VIP, Life is Beautiful was absolutely AMAZING. 
The bands. The weather. The location. The art. The culture. The friends. 
It couldn't have been any better. 

I only went to one day of the two days of the festival. I rode solo and just found people I knew that were there. I saw so many lovely friends there because let's face it, everyone was there. (30,000 people!) I danced the day/night away to Twenty-One Pilots, Jurassic 5, Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, and the Killers. They were all amazing, but The Killers seriously killed it. They were so amazing to see live (for the first time in 7 years, since their Myspace secret show August 23, 2006) and I couldn't have been more proud to be working for them. 
Viva Las Vegas!!