Monday, February 27, 2012

cupcake surprise attack.

 HBJ. Happy Birthday Jaron.

Love always, 
Your two favorites 
and future slaves.

The Color Run.

This weekend, I ran my first 5K!!!!! When I say ran.... I actually mean walked, skipped, cartwheeled, and a little bit of running occurred. MY KIND OF RACE. And then there was color. Lots. And lots. And lots of color. It was basically the funnest thing ever. I want to do it again. Everyday. I'm telling you....Run the Color Run. It is so much fun! Especially if you do it with fun people, like i did. My friends are the funnest. I even ran into Layne and her group over and over again. So it was kind of like I ran it with her too. I loved it. We rocked the ugliest pants we could find. I'm not even ashamed that I already had gold pants and sequined fanny pack in my possession. In fact, I'm kinda proud. Believe it or not, gold pants are quite handy to have on hand for so many reasons. After the race, we went to breakfast at the Egg and I, looking colorful as ever, with the biggest smiles on our face! Such a fun way to start my Saturday. 

Here's some before and afters: 

And here's some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. Just to make you even more jealous of my life. 

These would be my color pack boob implants. So sexy huh? 

We are such great runners. Or fakers. 

Color Monster CHICKEN FIGHT. 

Check out that gold badonkadonk. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

valentines day.

I think that this could have quite possibly been my favorite Valentine's Day to date. I usually don't get super into Valentine's Day, but this year for some reason I did. And it was good...real good. Matix had a preschool Valentine's Day party, so I thought it would be fun to make sugar cookies for him to give out along with dinosaur valentine's (of course). We had a blast and the cookies were quite delicious. 

The day before Valentine's Day I was eating dinner when these were delivered to my front door. They were from my friend Troy in California. He wasn't sure I was going to get anything for Valentine's Day so he wanted to be a good friend and make sure I had a good day. Super thoughtful. Troy has been a good little friend to me for like 4 years now. He helps me so much with my crazy life, and is always sending Matix fun things, like all his cute Billabong clothes he always wears. We sure appreciate his friendship. :)

On the actual night of Valentine's Day I has the best date ever-my friend Jane. We were each other's Valentine's, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She's going to be leaving me here super soon so it was fun to have some "us" time. That rarely happens. We caught up on all things Ashley and Jane over some delicious filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and calamari at Simon on top of Palms Place. Such a good choice. After dinner we headed to the Suncoast to meet up with Becca and Rebecca to see The Vow. I had just read my cute cousin's blog about how awful it I had very low expectations. In fact, I thought about not even going. I am soooo glad I didn't. I completely disagree with her (sorry Ash). I thought the movie was perfect. And real. And such a great love story. It was super sad, but not all love stories are happy, or end up the way we think they should. (The trailer makes it seem all happy...and it's definitely not). I recommend it. Even though I might just be the minority here. 

This cute boy came in town Thursday and took me to LOVE for Valentine's Day. I could not have been more excited. Cute boy+The Beatles=Happy. He just happens to be my current fave and I got to spend an entire weekend with him. 

I wanted to do something for him to say thank you so I bought him Let It Be on vinyl. Devin could not have been more excited. His reaction was even better than the show, I think. :)

I had the perfect Valentine's Day. I love the excuse to celebrate all the love in my life-friends, family, and lovers alike.  Happy Valentine's Day <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Airplane + Zoo

As you all know, one of things on my wish list for the past 2 years was to take Matix on an airplane ride. He has been asking to go on one for quite sometime, so it's always been on the back of my mind. Luckily my best friend Darci was anxious to take her girls on an airplane ride as well, and when Allegiant has $10 flights-we just couldn't resist. We ended up deciding to go to Mesa, Arizona because I have family and friends there, the zoo seemed fun, and it was a short flight. Perfect.

Matix could hardly contain himself on the way to the airport Saturday morning. He was so excited. He talked all about airplanes and how he was going to fly in the sky. We met up with Darci, her mom, and her two little girls, Madeline and Hadley. The plane ride was so fun. We even got to say hi to the captain. Matix kept tellin everyone it was his first airplane ride, but technically it wasn't. We went to Texas when he was one) He had his eyes glued to outside during takeoff and screamed "I'm so excited to go to Arizona!" loud enough for the whole plane to hear, along with comments about how "he could see Thailand and half of China from up there." He's definitely my child :)  In the air he was entertained by the little bag that Darci's cute mom made for the kids.  It was full of crayons, a dinosaur book, and of course snacks. Thanks again, Jackie. And before we knew it, we were in Arizona

We headed straight from the airport to the Phoenix Zoo! Matix and Madeline flirted the whole way there. No complaints here. They will be getting married one day, so it was only natural :) Darci's SIL Brittney and her daughter Brooklynn, and my cousin Angela and her two daughters, Bella and Olivia met us there and it was definitely a party. And my super cool friend Melissa gave us her pass so we got in for basically free. What a nice friend. The kids ran around like crazy and probably couldn't have had more fun if they tried. They loved being together, seeing the animals, and most importantly, pushing the buttons that make animal noises.

Bella, Angela, Ashley, Olivia, Darci, Madeline, Matix, Hadley, Jackie, Brooklyn, Brittney


Dragon World

This describes our friendship exactly-complete opposites. Best best friends nevertheless.

Monkey Kisses

Touching Stingrays

Some of our favorite animals we saw

After several hours of non-stop fun...we decided to head to dinner for some more fun! Some of my favorite people from the Mesa area even came to hang out and eat a fancy dinner, at you guessed it? McDonald's! Of course. My cousin Mary and her two kids, Easton and Averie. My long time friend Audrey. And my very first best friend, Melissa and her two kids, June and Drake. I had never met Easton, Averie, June or Drake-so it was especially fun! If Matix wants to marry June, I would be totally okay with that too. She is so stinkin cute. Matix is going to have a lot of choices of girls to marry when he gets older. ;) 

We ended the night with baths and a movie-The Little Mermaid was the movie of choice. We had high hopes of the kids falling asleep, but that was not the case. We were just having way too much fun!

Sunday morning we slept in a little bit-the adults anyways. The kids were up and playing long before we drug our selves out of bed. We ate breakfast and headed to the most amazing store ever. Last Chance is basically one step below Nordstrom Rack. Everything that doesn't get sold, end up here for dirt cheap. We went on quite the shopping spree. Totally broke the Sabbath, but I think it was necessary. I added 2 pairs of boots, a pair of booties, jeans, two tanks, two pairs of earrings and a bracelet, shorts and a swimsuit for Matix-all for less than $150. Unbelievable. (Remember this is all Nordstrom quality stuff, not cheap crap)

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the airport and head back to Vegas. My cute cousins came to hang out for a while and say goodbye. The kids had a blast playing duck duck goose and running around like crazy people. Luckily it was a really small airport, with a pretty small crowd. Thanks Angela for letting us take over your house for a couple days. It was seriously so much fun! And I love that Matix got to play with his cousins he hardly gets to see. Olivia and Matix became cute little buddies. This is them playing dead on the airport floor. 

Cousins: Angela, Sheila, Ashley

I forgot to mention that because the Mesa airport is so small you actually get to walk directly on and off the plane. What a treat for the kids to see the plane right up close and personal. So cool.

By the end of the trip this is how we all felt-super tired. But it was serioulsy the funnest little trip. Matix asks me everyday if we can go back to Arizona to play with Madeline, Hadley and his cousins. We definitely will need to get back out there as soon as possible. I'm so grateful that I am able to do these fun little things with Matix. We are really blessed! 

It was also fun to spend time with Darci. We don't see each other much these day, so it was a treat to hang out and travel like the old days. Even though it wasn't to a destination as cool as New York City, or China, it was still fun! We'll have to do it again if I can convince Darci :)