Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas! 2011

Our 2011 Christmas card.
Christmas has come and gone. I can't believe it. We had a good little Christmas over here at the Marx house.We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our house with the whole family-complete with a nativity reenactment, matching jammies for the kiddos, and the grandchildren gift exchange. I was in charge of last minute costumes for the nativity.  I think I did a mighty fine job. haha. They drew out parts and everyone was happy except Ethan. So we let him be both the inn keeper and the third wise man-hence why we only have two wise men in the picture below. Peyton made an excellent little horse I must add.

The Nativity
Joseph, Innkeeper, Wiseman, Wiseman, Horse, Star, Mary, Angel

Christmas morning was pretty quiet around here. Brian and his new little wife headed to Texas to spend the holiday with her family, So it was just me, Matix, Grandma and Grandpa. The morning basically consisted of us all watching Matix open present after present after present. Spoiled little kid. Of course the majority of his presents were dinosaurs! I did try and mix it up a little bit though. Cruncher was definitely a hit. He loves his new pet dinosaur!!! 
Matix and all his dinosaur presents. (He was happy to take this picture)

Matix and the rest of his presents (He wasn't as thrilled about this picture...little turd)

I got a new lens for my camera that I have been thoroughly enjoying. Along with a few other small things. 

The day after Christmas we had our annual Marx Family Christmas Party. This year my mom hosted it. We were in charge of the location (our garage) and food (Cafe Rio burritos). It all turned out super perfect. Go mom! I'm glad we have this party every year to keep up with our many many Marx cousins. We counted and I think the grand total was 71 people this year. (And a lot of people we missing)

And last but not least, at the cousin gift exchange Matix got this beauty (along with a few other things dinosaur related). And boy has he loved loved loved it. It was his very own dinosaur egg that he had to put in water and wait for the dinosaur to grow and hatch!! It was a daily activity to go and look at his egg and see it's progress. He just started at it for hours waiting for something to happen. Luckily he went to his dad for a few days and while he was there more progress was made....

He was so excited. He named him Steggy. He still hasn't grown to his full potential so he was put back into the bowl to continue growing. We can't wait til Steggy grows up!

I hope everyone else had a Very Very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Girls Nights.

....are the best nights.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Lights....Keep Shining On.

Last night we went as a family to look at Christmas lights. The entire family went once again.There's nothing like having 5 cars full of people parading around town enjoying the beautiful lights that light up the street. We discovered this little beauty, and I am so glad we did. It was quite the discovery.

picture stolen from Darci (thanks darc)

Oh my. 

I would seriously compare it to the Bellagio water show...only with lights instead of water, obviously.
It's approximately a 30 minute show that just keeps playing all night.
It goes until the I highly recommend you go see it for yourself.
How people come up with this stuff is beyond me...but I am glad they do.

I checked in on Facebook, so you should be able to pull up a map. 
If not I think the address is 8080 Red Coach. (Cimarron and Craig)
Apparently there is a cool Disney house decorate just up the street as well...but we missed it
While you'r in the neighborhood you might as well check them both out. 6185 W. Gowan

Enjoy  :)

(I left my camera at home on purpose because I'm sick, and not pretty. haha)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Very Special Party Rock Monday.

 On Monday we celebrated my friend Noelle's Birthday at the last Party Rock Monday of the year.

Please love that I look pregnant in that last picture. I assure you I am not.
Note to self: suck in my gut. especially in pictures.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis The Season.

Drink lots of hot chocolate. (peppermint) CHECK

Enjoy all the Christmas lights. CHECK

Go to the Live Nativity. CHECK. CHECK.

Sit on Santa's lap. CHECK. 
(matix counts....even though according to THIS I should have too...)

Watch all the Christmas classics. CHECK...and still going.
(the grinch, elf, home alone, the santa claus)

Eat lots and lots of holiday candy. CHECK. CHECK.

Attend as many ugly sweater parties as possible. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

Megan's Christmas Dinner Party
Layne Fender, Lisa Bayardo, Katie Romo, Tiffany Albright, Erin Cahill, Katie Manning, Ashley Marx, Megan Draney, Celina Tingey, Kelli Lyman

The Bellagio Garden
Russ, David, Noelle, Jaron, Ashley, Devin

At The Nativity with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.

At the Nativity--Round 2
Santa's Lap

Ugly Christmas Sweater Luau
Ashley, Brynn, Jane, Allison, Becca

Bryn's Ugly Sweater Party
(too many to name)
Tifani, Ashley, Rebecca 
Ash, Allison, Brynn

Ash and Rebecca

Yep, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

facebook fun.

Don't you just love those people on Facebook who divulge way too much information about their lives?!
I actually really appreciate them. They are the source of a lot of genuine laughter in my life.
People are absolute train wrecks and have no limit to what they'll share with the click of a button.
And it's hilarious what you'll read...
and a few days later you go to laugh at them again...and the post is mysteriously deleted. 
Umm can't delete things from people's minds. Think before you type.
On secondhand...don't. I genuinely appreciate the entertainment.
In fact, at our last girls night...we discussed some of our favorites. 

On another note...why are there such creepster in the world!!?
I received this message today...

"Hello there Ashley. I recently sent you a friend request and I know we have not formally met. I noticed we had several common friends and wanted to reach out to you simply for the fact that you never know how someone might be able to help another out down the road (Can't hurt, might help). I hope you will accept my friend request but if not I understand. If for some reason my request has been erased please send a friend request my way. Thanks."

First of all this guy is 37 years old. And we have ONE mutual friend. I And I really don't even remember getting his request. meaning it had to have been months ago. And the fact that he cares enough to message me... Oh and he's married. With children. CREEPER. 

Last but not least...I have these two Cambodians that keep messaging me who I met on my recent trip. Actually I'm pretty sure I only met one of them. not quite sure who the other guy is. But apparently he loves me so it's cool. I actually look forward to their messages. They hardly make sense and are so cute. They love me and miss me so much and really wish I would come back to Cambodia. They also think that "are" is spelled "a" so they always start with "How a you?" It makes me smile every time. 

  • July 26

    • hi,honey how a u? where a u now ? I really miss u so much. however i think u a the best American girl friend in my heart and i hope that u come to vist Cambodai again.

  • August 1

    • hi,how a u?

  • November 3

    • hi,
    • hi

  • November 24

    • HI,
    • HOW A U ?
    • i'mso miss u

  • November 26

    • I miss you too!!! How are things over there???

  • November 26

    • how ur life in usa ?

  • November 26

    • It's really good. How's life in cambodia?

  • December 3

    • hi,how a u ? wten u coming to cambodia?i so miss u

And then several months ago...I posted this picture from my dear, but big breasted friend's birthday dinner...and this was his comment....
Sarith Toy when will u come back to Cambodia again? we all miss u!!!

You miss me so much huh? Did you really think one of these girl's was me!?!? 
It still makes me laugh.

Then the other night me and my traveling buddy lindsey decided that we should send all our Cambodian friends a Christmas card of us. They would probably just love it. And we would love doing it. So I decided to message Toy for his mailing address.  Then me and Linds decided to be rude and question if they even have a mailing address. Then we got mad at ourselves and decided that of course they do. 

And then I got his reply...

  • Saturday
    Ashley Marx
    • Hey what's your mailing address? I want to send you something.

  • Saturday
    Sarith Toy
    • hi!! how a u? and here is my mailing '''' see u...!!!

  • 40 minutes ago
    Ashley Marx
    • thats an email address? how can i send you a letter in the mail!?

Man, I love Facebook. It brings such joy and laughter to my life.