Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As soon as my mom heard that Wicked was coming to town, she was determined to go. And who did  she want to join her? Her beautiful daughters of course! Lucky us. So we put together a little girl's night filled with dinner at Cheesecake Factory followed by Wicked at The Smith Center. (And the dad's babaysat :) ) It was really fun to hang out with my sister's for the night. And Wicked...what an amazing show. None if us had seen it before and we all loved every single second of it. What a fun, fun night. Thanks mom!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

soccer mom.

I am a real life soccer mom. Officially! Minus the mini van...not quite there yet. 
Matix started soccer this fall and he absolutely loves it. He's on a team called The Rattlers with his friend Dylan. We put him on a team one year older than his actual age. I think it's helped him to understand the game better than he would on a team with younger would be more like bunch ball. He is really aggressive when it comes to getting in there and kicking the ball, and we are super proud! However, his follow through needs some improvement. He is more concerned with making sure that we saw him kick the ball and getting his high fives than worrying about where the ball is. As long as he kicked it...he's stoked. It's really pretty cute. He is seriously doing really good and absolutely loves it, which is all that really matters. :)