Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Huntsville, Utah.

1. I go to Utah a lot now. (Sorry California)
2. I got to spend some much needed time with my favorite friend Anne, who just recently got divorced. (Same time me and Dev broke up, the exes are best friends, and so are we)
3. I also got to see my other Provo lovers, Sam and Chels. I introduced them to Anne and we are basically the four amigos now. Endless laughs and fun all day.
(ps: I love when my friends become friends. I have a friend who hates that, and I just don't get it)
4. Then I headed up to Huntsville, Utah to see that one cute boy after he had pretty intense shoulder surgery. (and the distance was killing us)
3. Huntsville you ask? Yep. It's 30 minutes east of Ogden. Don't worry....Population 649. I hadn't heard of it either. haha. But Spence was convinced I'd love it.
4. I argued...but he was right.
5. We seriously had the best week together. (Yes, I stayed for a week. Perks of working from home!!)
6. Recovery was much worse than expected. But I didn't mind. We seriously just chilled and didn't do a whole lot. We went on walks around Huntsville everyday, and played games, and invited friends up to hang out, and went to institute, and a block party, and watched movie after movie after movie, and I worked, and he napped, and we perfected one-armed cuddling, and his family is hilariously awesome-
it was just fun.
7. By the end of the week he was feeling a little better, so we went on a double with Sam and her boyfriend. It happened to be Friday the 13th, so we told ghost stories and did witchcraft in the SLC cemetery. Real mature, I know. (Side story, his mom and sisters helped me get ready fo our "date" and his mom seriously got down and painted my toes because my polish was chipping, like usual. His family is seriously the coolest)
8. Saturday we got out of the house and had some more fun. Movies-Lunch-Ice Cream-Bowling
9. The week went too fast. And it was hard to say goodbye.

10. And then it got even harder because not too long after I got back, we decided to end things.
And by we...I really mean him.

The End.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LV Takes HB.

Over Labor Day weekend, me and 17 of my closest Las Vegas single friends took a trip down to Orange County, California. My sweet aunt was out of town so she let us take over her house, to the extreme. What a sweetheart. (A few people stayed up in Newport at a beach house) To say we had a blast would be an understatement. 

We headed down Friday after work and....
 ate great, became beach bums, had a bonfire, a killer game of beach volleyball, rode beach cruisers, and just hung out into the wee hours of the night laughing and talking. 
Matix even got to join in on all the fun. Attention from 17 adults at any given moment=a little boy's dream. Basically, it was perfection. 

I heart my friends. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


My little boy is officially a kindergartener! He started K at Somerset Oakey a couple weeks ago. Tell me he isn't the handsomest little kindergartener you ever did see. I was really nervous about Matix starting school, because we had some serious PTSD problems over the summer. He was very paranoid about being left alone or going to a babysitter (any babysitter, even my sisters). He would go crazy! But luckily, it was just a phase and he's totally fine now.

He walked right into that room, and didn't look back!

So far he has loved it! He's learning so much and is making friends. He has been having some behavior problems, basically just due to excitement. He gets so excited and speaks out out of turn, especially in music class. That's my Matix for ya. He gets so excited about everything! But he's been working really hard at improving, and is succeeding! His little buddy from church is in his class, which has been a lot of fun. Riley and Matix are two peas in a pod. Mrs. Montreuil noticed their connection and immediately moved their seats to across the room from each other. When those two get together, they are seriously out of control funny. We car pool with Riley on the days I have Matix, and listening to their conversations kills me. I'm so glad Matix has a fun little best friend to go to school with!

He still wants to be a paleontologist, a whale trainer, but has now added scientist to the mix.

I love watching my little boy grow up.
He's still my snuggly little mama's boy and I couldn't be more grateful for that.