Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas is better when it lasts 12 days!

yep, doug spoiled me this year. with gifts for almost 2 weeks. talk about awesome. 
he's the best.

im aware there's only five...we drank one immediately :)

Since D was leaving to Cali for the holiday...we opened the rest togther before he left a few days before christmas! It's a good thing...cuz i might just have figured out what my big gift was if not :)

 umm...let's rewind a little...did you see that?!?!

 yes! he really did get that for me! ridiculous i tell ya. 

....ridiculously awesome!

i am so spoiled.

for him...i got him some thing that start with the letters of CHRISTMAS. 
 you a Calendar, Hoodie, pass to go Running, Itunes giftcard, Subway giftcard, T-shirts, Massage giftcard, Airborne (movie), Sunglasses (von zipper, stuf like that...

of course we couldnt keep matix out of the fun...

 we were all happy happy happy.

(please dont judge me for the way i look. gross.)

for christmas...we were spoiled too!
i got a macbook pro. and stuff to go with that. a dress. some jewelry. giftcard to nordstroms and movie tickets.
doug got clothes. and tools. a snowboard, boots, and bindings, and some movies. 

christmas 2010

 ....Eventually the little stinker butt did get out of bed (see previous post)...and when he did, he really enjoyed christmas!!  

He loved all his presents. Santa brought him a bicycle with training wheels. He's working on the pedaling part...but he is doing really well. My favorite part of opening presents was when he opened up the Moon Dough...he scream..."oh Moon Dough, I've been wanting this!" And he has. He's TWO! Commercials do wonders i tell ya! He also got Uno Moo, Jungle Animals, Blocks, Jumping Monkeys (game), Pajamas, and more.

I forgot to mention Christmas Eve. The whole fam came over for dinner and the traditional pajama presents. With the addition of so many grandchildren, the tradition has shifted from us to the kids. The kids now get pajamas. And we watch!  

that face is priceless
I parted with my beloved American Doll, Samantha. My niece Kennedy has been begging her mom for one, but they are so expensive. Since Matix had her name for giftgiving...we decided to give her my old doll from when i was a girl. You should have seen how excited she was over it. It made me feel so good to give something i once loved as a little girl to someone who will love her just the same. She carried her around all day.

Christmas day, Matix was at his dad's house getting MORE presents from Santa from 10am-5pm. Then he came home and we headed over to the Tesoro's house to see our second family. Zach and Steph made a surprise trip from california for the holidays! i was so excited to see them!!

The worst thing about Christmas is that it's over just like that. I love love love the season of warmth. and boots. and presents. and giving. and parties. and food. and christmas music. and christmas movies. and shopping. and family. and scarves. and the nativity. and fudge. Man, do i love me some fudge.

and then...just like that it's over. The trees go down. the christmas music stops. and then my heart gets sad. It's the most wonderful time of the year...and i wish it lasted so much longer! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas....

...and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.
The children were nestled, all snug in their bed...
While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.

oh, how i wish that was the case. 
Doesn't it look like i have the sweetest little child in the world??
well, i do.
he is a little bit deceiving.
he is quite the little manipulator i tell ya.
especially at bedtime. 
oh that gosh darn bedtime. 
and last night...we hit an all time low. 
you went a little something like this...

read me a book. no, i don't like that book. read me another book. i want the lamp on. leave the door open. i want the hall light on. i want the lamp off. I don't like these pajamas. i need my other pajamas. the shark ones. mom, i need to tell you something. I'm sick. i need my medicine. i need to spit in the toilet. mom there's boogers in my mouth i need to spit in the toilet! i need my guitar. mom, don't spank me! i peed in my diaper. i need a new diaper. I'm trying to go to sleep. i need to close your door, mom. it's too noisy. 

then finally...some quiet. 

finally asleep? one would think...but oh no. the little sneakster snuck out of his room..right to SANTA'S COOKIES! and ate them! he was working on number three when he got caught by mean old momma. i bet the thought of those cookies left out for anyone to get, was just achin' at his cute little body. poor guy. 

almost two hours and a few tears later. he finally was fast asleep. 

and when it was time to wake up for 8 O'CLOCK...
(which is NOT early for a christmas morning)...
his response is...

"No mom, i open the presents after i go back to sleep. I'm too tired."

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas.

"It's all love
The season is a gift
When love came down to let us live
Let's open up and let our hearts embrace this moment
For Christmas this year"
-toby mac


every year my college roomie susan sends me a christmas mix cd. it basically isn't the holidays without it. this and matix loved to dance to this song on our carrides.. so i felt these lyrics were most appropriate.
. merry christmas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grub & Girls

every year around the holidays,we try to organize a night where us high school friends can get together, eat and chat. It gives us a chance to catch up with the out-of-towners, who we don't get to see too often! It's always a great time. i love these girls. We've all been such good friends for so long....

 megan, me, megan, ashley, celina, kelli, erin

The Megleys: Reunited at Last!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Sucks.

 it's true. 30 does suck.
im just glad i got lots of more years before i'm "over the hill"
you know that little hill you hit before you hit the dare-i-say it Mrs. W. down there. (she's 50...shhhhh. dont tell anyone...but she dont look a day over THIRTY.) and poor megan...her husband is now officially 30. she bought the lollipop so she brought this onto herself. love ya megs. at least we had a reason to parttt-aaayyy. with sushi. and friends. even though "30 sucks" im glad we partied in your honor, travis.  and if you want to keep tellin people you're 29...i wont tell anyone.

My "30" year old bestie. She loves me.
i stole all the "30" decorations that megan so generously bought. it will save me $$ next year when doug turns 30! aghhhhh.

yep, he totally hates me. 
(and then nat can use them next...recycling is fun!)

oh, and for anyone who didnt get the memo...
she's been home since...umm..october. she was just in hiding for a while. and sick. 
she got her appendix taken out and is doing a lot better....
but it's still undecided about if she'll be returning to the mish! 
and im totally okay with it.
i like having my best friend back!

no..i didnt get any pictures of the birthday boy. oh well. ya win some and ya lose some. 
and we're better looking anyways!

Monday, December 20, 2010

One is Fun.

Layne's son Adam turned ONE last month. 
It's hard to believe!
These kids...they grow up so fast i tell ya. 

the three boys eyein' that cake!

and they went for it! But mostly matix. he went CRAZY! and i let him because im a cool mom ;)
Layne Kelli Lisa and Me

Thanks for the great time Adam! We love you!