Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roos N' More.

For the longest time I have been bothered by the fact that Las Vegas has such a pathetic zoo. Like, I feel like the signs posted up and down the streets should probably just be taken down. It's that bad. Or so I've heard. I haven't actually been there...but all the reviews I hear are about the same so I figure there's no point in wasting my time or money. Earlier this year I even decided to take a trip to the Phoenix Zoo to please my animal obsessed little boy. We went all the way to Arizona to see freaking cool animals....when really I have just been misled all this time.
I have been too distracted by those signs on Rancho Blvd directing me to the Las Vegas zoo when really they should just direct me to 45 minutes outside of town to Moapa because THEY HAVE THE MOST AMAZING ZOO EVER. EVER. EVER. 
It is called Roos N' More and everyone needs to go see what I'm talking about.
Last Saturday I almost got attacked by an otter, had my lipgloss applied by a monkey, cuddled with an African cat, put my hand in a kangaroos pouch, fed a zebra, and kissed a camel. 
Best. Day. Ever.





Kangaroos & Wallabys:



 Boa Constrictor:

African Millipede:


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh Baby!

Babies Babies Babies.
Seriously EVERY one I know is either pregnant or just had a baby. And that is not even an exaggeration.

Here's proof:

Megan had Kole Travis on August 7th, 2012
(And Erin also pictured had baby Bennett in July)

The other Megan had Zoey Lynn on September 18th, 2012

Baby Girl Hunt is due in January 2013

And baby boy Hoffman is due in February 2013.

Believe me when I say that's just a few of the many babies that have recently been born or will be making their debut soon. I love it!! It's so fun to see so many people I love so dearly embarking on this new adventure!! Keep 'em coming :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012.

It is no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Well, I might just have a few favorite holidays but that's irrelevant. I absolutely love Halloween! I love the change from summer to fall. The traditions that begin. And especially dressing up!
Here's how we celebrated Halloween this year:

While up in Utah one weekend we went to Cornbelly's Haunted Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point where we went through a few kid appropriate haunted houses, a haunted maze, and on a few fair rides. it actually was a lot of fun and the perfect way to kick off the season!

My work had a pumpkin decorating contest for the month of October. I was on that motorcycle trip the week they decorated the pumpkins so I wasn't going to participate, but last minute I put one together and was super happy with how it turned out. And apparently everyone else agreed, because mine ended up winning!! I was so proud. 

We went to the annual cookie decorating party over at Christy's house. 

My parents were invited to a costume party with some friends, and since I've never seen my dad dress up for Halloween I figured I better document it ;)
Don't know exactly what he was. He said he was a soul taker.
Matix had his preschool Halloween party, and loved it! It also happened to fall on picture day so his class pictures were taken in costume. I'm sure I will be sharing when I get them! 

And then the best part of Halloween was finally getting to wear our family themed costumes that I spent almost the whole month making from scratch. 
I present....
Max...King of all the Wild Things!

Happy Halloween!