Thursday, March 31, 2011

California Girls.

Over the weekend we celebrated a lot of un-birthdays, and one very special birthday in the happiest place on earth. That's right, I went back to Disneyland...but this time it was with six of my favorite girlfriends. Sometimes you just need a girl's trip, even if it's just for a couple of days. We played hard non-stop with two fun-filled days at both parks. My feet were literally dying by the end of the the trip and I was pooped.

We got to California pretty late Saturday night, so we decided to meet up with my favorite guy friend, Joshy, in Santa Monica. It was fun and we saw lots of other Vegas friends, too! We ate at the cutest little 50's diner ever....til the wee hours of the morning, before meeting up with the rest of the girl's who strolled into our hotel at 3 am.
milkshake lovers.
bff josh
After getting hardly any sleep from an abundance of laughter due to six girls in one room, we spent the entire day at Disneyland and California Adventures! We attacked all the rides we possibly could in CA, went  over to crowded DL, got cut in line so we punked some high school students, (who does that?) before heading back to CA for the World of Color water show. let me just tell you--it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. By the end, Brynn was crying--it was that good! I already wanna go back to see it. We ended the night on the water ride--three times in a row. needless to say...we were soaked, and freezing cold, and had the biggest smiles on our faces as we left the park.

breakfast of champions: del taco

my twinner

guess which was mine....yep, the best one.

Day 2 was Allison's birthday!! woot woot. 26 never looked so good :)   (no one could believe she was that old...most guessed 21, or 18. haha) We struggled to get out of bed, so we got a little bit of a late start. We had a birthday lunch at CPK before heading back for more Disneyland! We seriously hit every ride, and even had a chance to meet some characters, Minnie was our favorite :) Finally around 10 pm...we drug ourselves out of the park...and back to Nevada. Yep, we drove back late late late. Good thing I slept like a baby in the back seat so I was ready to work Tuesday morning.

Aren't my friends just the greatest? And the cutest?
I agree. 

Happy Birthday Allison!! 
and Lady Gaga.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jump. Jump. Jump.

Doug's work/home won "Best of Las Vegas" again in 2011, so they threw a little party for the employees and families to celebrate last week at SKY ZONE. Sky zone is an indoor trampoline warehouse, that I used to go to pretty often several years back. Matix's dad even worked there for a period of time when we first started dating because he loved it so much. Anyways, it was my first time going since Matix was born, and Matix's first time going with his mama. (His dad has taken him a few times). We jumped our little hearts out and ate as much pizza and soda as our little bellies could handle. It was a great time, and Matix loved playing with Doug's little cousins, Sidney and Josie. :)

Doug being a frog.
Matix also being a frog.
Doug being a horsey....Matix couldn't copy this time.   :) 

Recently Matix has made up this cute thing he does when he gives me kisses. He always tells me "what kind of kisses" he's giving me. (named after whatever is in his mouth)
 These were chocolate kisses and soda kisses. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

that time matix went to church with me.

This was us last sunday.  Normally Matix goes to church with my parents because my ward is a singles ward and doesn't have a primary/nursery. Our church is now at the same time, so we get ready together, get home together, eat together, and take a Sunday nap together. It works out pretty perfectly. However, this past sunday, Matix asked if he could come with me and Doug to church. How could I say no to such a sweet little request!?!? (plus I felt it would be good for him to know that we actually go to church too) So off to church we went....

Our experience went a little something like this...

-  Matix singing Follow the Prophet quite loudly in the middle of a talk. Remember that this was a very kid-free congregation.

-He said the prayer for the whole sunday school class. I was real proud.

-He named our Jeopardy team in sunday school: Toothless. We won. 
(My friend Jane was the teacher, so he got picked on a lot)

-He began to get restless in the third hour, so i caved and let him play iPhone games. I ended up buying him 4 dinosaur games to keep him quiet. I'm still not happy about this. We have since implemented Matix earning money to buy games by doing chores around the house.

-He wore underwear, and had no accidents! 

- During a musical number, i let him stand up on my lap to see. I thought he was listening so reverently, that is until after the meeting a few people came up to me telling me how much he was making them laugh. Apparently he was plugging his ears through the whole song!! How embarrassing.

I guess you could say the whole experience went really, really well ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Touch a Truck 2011

We had so much fun at Touch a Truck last year, that we decided to head back again this year! Unfortunately the weather was less than ideal (windy and cold), but somehow we still managed to have a great time.  We met up with a bunch of our favorite friends there: The Buhl family, Melissa and Clive, Kelli and Dylan, and Layne and Adam. And the best news of all...Matix wore big boy underwear the entire day with NO accidents. It was our first time going out of the house for a long period of time, and he did just great! 

 Boarding the bus with Madeline...don't they just seem like such big kids?

The Buhl Family

Melissa and Clive

Matix's favorite part was meeting Spongebob! He seriously RAN to him! Cute boy.
I seriously LOVE this picture. He straight up hugged Spongebob. All of him. 
Please notice his lollipop that got stuck to Spongebobs hand. So cute.

Matix and Dylan

Hadley girl.
Matix happened to get a lollipop when we were separated from Maddie. Maddie asked Matix so many time if she could have his. Matix wasn't to fond of this idea, but he finally caved and shared. 
...but only for a second and not without him watching her every move to make sure she "doesn't bite it...only licks."

When we were over the cold, we ended our fun at McDonald's. The kids had fun and me and Darci enjoyed a few minutes of sanity. 

Such a fun day.